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Money spinning idea for Lowe


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I have just been watching Delia, and all the references to her beloved Norwich City in which she and her husband have sunk a great deal of their money. It has given me an idea for Rupes to rescue the finances of the club.


The idea is that Rupert gets his own show, and associated book contract-it would certainly suit his ego.


It could be called "See You Next Tuesday" (or in text abbreviation-"C-U Next TueS")


Obvious episodes would be:


"How to 'buy?' a football club on the cheap."


"An idiot's guide to man management, motivation and retention."


"An egomaniac's guide to win fans and influence them."


"How to eat on the cheap by murdering your own ducks and assorted game."


and best of all -


"How to decorate the Itchen Bridge."


If it made a lot of money he and his mates could sort out the clubs finances by way of a one-for one rights issue- £7.5 mill at current values-just what we need.


Other ideas for programme episodes welcome.



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