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  1. Re Flat hunting, North Norfolk and Norwich and the Broads are delightful places to live and now a lot of N Norfolk coast is millionaire second home country. Much nicer than the West Midlands except for the cold North Easterlies
  2. Firstly I would like to make it clear the small c at the beginning of the title was a typo, probably should have edited it. Although a Saints supporter for over sixty years, I hope I'm not blinded by emotion. When VAR came in as a cricket fan I thought it would be a good thing as reviews in cricket have by and large been completely positive. However in the Prem imo it has been by and large disastrous. In the Euros it worked very well. My post was made in the hope that some good debate would be engendered.
  3. I used to take the view that refereeing is extremely difficult and make allowances. However VAR has changed all that and there should be no mistakes and real consistency. Compare and contrast James Milner staying on the pitch after three fouls, two very violent and intentional and one denying a goal scoring chance. All three deserved a straight red in my view but for some inexplicable reason he remained on the pitch and Liverpool gained an undeserved point. James Ward Prowse who hasn't been red carded for years, makes a rash challenge trying to get to the ball first. NBB not a t
  4. A sensible and rational person only changes a manager is there is a better one readily available. I'm not and never have been a great believer in RH's tactical ability. However we drew against three very good teams, two of which can pay ten times as much for a player with no problem R H has to work with what he's got and can afford, and it looks as if for the foreseeable future our main ambition is avoiding relegation The negativity on this board and the desire to blame players for mistakes is beyond belief at times. Could any of the armchair critics find a better mana
  5. I would like to see Perraud and Livrimento as backs and see how KWP gets on on the right of a midfield three He and Livrimeto could interchange at will. Play 4132, midfield 3 a.n.other (dont see much between any of the presently fit candidates) but Stuart Armstrong asap JWP KWP I think that KWP on the right would be a better option than Redmond on the left. Other than that a very disappointing performance, one moment of great skill and a bit of lick won it for them We are not a very tall or physical side and crosses aren't the way forward. Also I was very disappoi
  6. I consider the endless criticism of Redmond by some on this column to be both inappropriate, unhelpful and it must be very upsetting to the player himself hardly the best way to instill self confidence. I look at it this way, he is obviously given instructions by Ralph as how he wants him to play. Presumably if the manager considers his performance poor, or not as instructed he will either substitute him or not pick him. Many many years ago the fans were exactly the same with Frank Saul (possibly deserved) and John Sydenham (definitely undeserved). I cannot understand why some Saints fa
  7. Still have fond memories of the 1967/8 season third round tie, drew at home after playing very badly, went to away match with mates on Weds night, fortunately the first Severn bridge had been opened by then. We didn't play particularly well but won. I remember mentioning to my friend what do you think those TV cameras are for. He replied rather too loudly "Oh it'll be just Welsh Git local TV, Fortunately we were sat in the stand and got out alive. When my uncle lived there Newport was a prosperous if hard, working class town, with huge docks carrying enormous amounts of Welsh coal, and a
  8. Harry Kane isn't particularly fast but he's quick thinking and gets in the right place and doesn't miss many one to ones. If all you needed is pace then Shane Long would have scored hundreds. Let's just hope he is quick thinking enough to get in the right place at the right time, and hold his nerve when shooting.
  9. In the cold light of day after some contemplation, after an initial shock and horror reaction I have come to the considered opinion that Saints did a piece of good business. We sold Ings, admittedly a very good striker and our best for a reasonable 25million, but considering he's in his last year of contract and appears injury prone, and probably only has two or three years left 9(perhaps even less) at the highest level it's probably not a bad deal. It is absolutely pointless trying to keep a player who wants away, if he were unhappy would he have played to his best? I suspect h
  10. Particularly when the Barmy Army sing "God save your gracious Queen" to the Australian supporters. I completely agrre that its not reasoanable adult behaviour but what can the FA do about it. Sweet FA is the answer to that.
  11. England were so poor and lacklustre to be almost unbelievable. Scotland played their hearts out and by the end for the first time in my life I didn't want England to thrash the Scots (in any sport) and was hoping it would end a draw. On thes last two performances Levy won't be able to give Kane away. Is he completely unsettled?
  12. I think that some of our younger supporters have delusions of grandeur and a hopelessly optimistic belief that some very hard headed billionaire is going to buy Saints as a novelty purchase for a bit of fun. Highly unlikely in the present Covid climate, even if it was before. There probably has never been a more inopportune time to sell a n average Premier League club. I don't know how Gao will get out of this except at a truly fire sale price. We just have to hope that the club remains solvent and tailor our ambitions to existing in the same cohort as the bottom half Prem clubs and the
  13. I don't disagree that Redmond has his manifold flaws (which could possibly be coached out). My point was that he doesn't pick himself, we have capable alternatives albrit inexperienced, so RH must think he's carrying out his instructions adequately. A team doesn't leak as many goals in defence or miss so many chances just because of a wayward left winger. My point was that he shouldn't be made the whipping boy for managerial weknesses and poor performances and mistakes by others. Last week McCarthy was responsible for two of the goals conceded, and othere defensive howlers contributed to our d
  14. MY thoughts are; last year with a full team and a largely fit Ings he did very well, but the more tactically aware managers soon worked out how to bypass the high press and exploit a defensive structure which his tactics allowed or even encouraged to be pulled out of place, I consider him to be an inept defensive coach, and the old adaege that if you don't concede you don't get beat always applies. I admit he has been unlucky with injuries but to keep on playing the same way was foolish especially as we had good defensive players. I have always thought that after Salisu got used to the league
  15. I remember Brian O' Neill once going in full pelt, studs up into some poor sod's thigh. Nastiest tackle I;ve ever seen and to our amazement he wasn't sent off. Presume he must have annoyed Brian as I only saw him go in quite as viciously as that the once. I rather suspect that Jimmy Gabriel was actually the hardest player we ever had, as I remember that much to the amusement and delight of the Milton Rd end when the officials were racing up the pitch he trotted up to the oppsosing centre forward and chinned him and wasn't seen by officials. He carried on trotting innocentky up the pitch and go
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