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Toshiba Netbook - Factory Reset?


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Hi, I'm hoping someone might be able to give me some advice.


I have a Toshiba NB200-10G netbook. OS is Windows XP and there is a Microsoft Product Key sticker on the bottom of the machine.


I no longer need this netbook and want to wipe it and restore it to factory settings so that I can sell it. However, with no disc drive on the machine and therefore no Windows discs to install, how do I go about doing this? Not often a good old Google fails to come up trumps but it has on this occasion. I'm sure the solution must be fairly simple.


Thanks in advance for any replies.

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You can try this (not specific to your netbook). I cribbed it from somewhere else so cant vouch for it.




Backup your important data to flash/disk/external drive, then...


(The first one may not work for all models but worth a try).


On start up (before Windows loads) press F8 and choose the option “Repair your Computer”


***This will erase all your unsaved data!***




1) Hold down the power button until it shuts down.


2) Press and hold the zero key and tap the power button once.


3) When you hear beeping release the zero key.


4) Click Yes to continue system recovery.


5) Click 'Recovery of Factory Default Software', click Next.


6) Click 'Recover to out-of-box state', click Next.


7) Click Next to Start recovery.


***This will erase all your unsaved data!***

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