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  1. I'd like to ask a question, first posed by someone much brighter than me. For the purposes of this question we are to assume that there is an all seeing, all powerful God who looks favourably on those who worship him. I'm happy to be corrected if these assumptions are not consistent with people who believe in God. Statistics show that approx 9million babies die in the world each year. Most of these innocent, little babies die horrible deaths due to disease, malnutrition etc. The parents of many of these poor children are believers who desperately pray for God to use his power to intervene and help their children. These prayers go unanswered. Question is, does God not intervene in any of these 9million cases because a) he can't (suggesting non-existance, or at the very least, not being all he's cracked up to be) or b) he can, but chooses not to (suggesting he's a bit of an evil sod and is too busy dealing with prayers from people wanting his help to pass their driving test)
  2. All 3 Saints subs were Irish. First time ever we've fielded 3 Irish players I'd imagine.
  3. Just finished watching the excellent Salisbury Poisonings drama. Personally, with their national radio output, Solent's Saints coverage, iplayer and the News/Sport websites, I get fantastic value from the BBC for three quid a week.
  4. BT Mobile use the EE network (naturally, since they own it) GiffGaff use O2
  5. Just thought this might be of interest to anyone struggling with BT Mobile. I've been with BT Mobile for years, but in the last few months, the 4G signal has been virtually non-existent in both Eastleigh (home) or Southampton (work). I ordered a new SIM from BT, but no difference. I then ordered a Giffgaff SIM and on putting it in my phone today, I have 4G blazing on my phone wherever I am.
  6. Enjoyed this tonight. A few nice shots of 70s Southampton. I'm a bit disproportionately thrilled that Chandlers Ford got a mention on a TV show about Punk too.
  7. I'm no Tory by any stretch, but ousting Johnson with a no confidence vote and a Ken Clarke led temporary Government is the best idea I've heard throughout this mess for a long while.
  8. http://hmcoastguard.blogspot.com/2019/08/infllatables-at-sea-statement-from-mca.html?m=1
  9. Trump in Eastleigh. Let's Make The Swan Centre Great Again.
  10. Puddings & Monkeys - good post. Pretty much sums up my views.
  11. Golactico

    Nôtre Dame

    It's awful that this has happened to such a historic and important piece of architecture, but I wish all the millions pledged could instead go to some humanitarian good causes and leave the moneybags Catholic Church to dip into their pockets.
  12. I think you may have taken me a bit too literally. If my actual 'sleeping' dreams came true, my footballer self would be proudly pulling the Moldovan national team shirt over his chimpanzee head and scoring the winner in the Solar System cup final. I do accept though that any such decision forced on a 16 year old would be entirely non-legally enforcable.
  13. There may be a very small amount of players who are genuinely conflicted, but I reckon most footballers at 16 will know whether they have been dreaming of scoring the winner for England in the world cup final, or for someone else. So often it clearly becomes a commercial decision, that's what annoys me.
  14. All this playing for one country then opting for another really bugs me. Young players with dual qualification should have to choose who they wish to represent at international level when they sign their first professional contract and be bound by that decision.
  15. Code still not working. What an absolute joke. As an ex-season ticket holder, I suspect that I'm exactly who this offer is aimed at - entice me back at a bargain price to remind me of what I'm missing. However, this farce has just left me feeling more disengaged than ever. I find it funny more than anything to be honest.
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