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Hi, advice needed

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I'm from Singapore and will be on a study exchange in the Netherlands for 6 months starting Feb. Would like to use this opportunity to fly over and catch my first live game at St marys. Anyone knows what are the chances of someone, with absolutely no ticket purchase history, getting a pair of tickets for any of the remaining home games? Also, any games you might recommend as 'easier' ones to get tickets to? Or, is our stadium not as packed as I would have imagined from my TV screen? :blush:


Any other information like cheapest recommended way of travel from Amsterdam to London (would be there for a few nights first) would be appreciated as well. Thank you.

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Eurostar is probably the easiest way to travel from Amsterdam to London but I expect some flight on a budget airline would be cheaper.


Agree with this. The train from Amsterdam to Brussels is about 2 hours, and then the train from Brussels to London is also about 2 hours. Time wise city centre to city centre its about the same as flying but a lot less hassle. Can be as low as £75 if you book in advance.


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