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What would represent a good January transfer window for you?

Ivan Katalinic's 'tache

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At the start of the month I was hoping we'd add a centre half and maybe a quick forward plus shift on a couple of the fringe members of the squad but, in the light of Cortese's departure, I'd probably settle for keeping all those we have as Katharina said.


The outcome of the injuries to Gaston and Dejan may change this but at the moment I guess this would see us through to the end of the season.


Any other views?

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An OK window would be no outs, no ins.


A good window would be no outs, 1 in. (CB preferably.)


An outstanding window would be no outs (besides Forte, Barnard, Sharp and Martin, all whom we get cash for), everyone under 27 to sign new 7 years contracts and a CB, attacking midfielder, striker, left back and GK coming in, all of whom are Champions League standard and all who don't mind sitting on the bench when their positional rival is preferred to them. :-D


My guess is the former.

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