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Negative vibes and those People who are pleased with themselves.


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Why is every ****er on here so keep to jump on the bad things happening at the club at the moment whilst shouting 'I told you so'?


1. First up are the Le Tissier/Benali cheerleaders who think that they can do no wrong (you know who you are), that Cortese is Dr.Evil but won't explain why, instead choosing to hide behind half truths and innuendo.


2. Next up are the ****ers who complain about everything the club do, we sign a player - its the wrong one, We sell the wrong beer, the food isn't good enough, the club have not promised good weather etc.


3. Then there's the 'no matter what is happening i'll take the contrary view just to get some attention because nobody loves me' knobbers.


Will you all wind your bloody necks in and get behind the club, players and other fans. We're having a great season, we've had a dodgy run of late but it's unlikely we'll get relegated. What more do you ****s want?


Rant over. Now you can all dismantle this and whinge, whine and moan abut what i've written, i no longer give a ****.

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