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  1. We had a self-annointed independent supporters club consisting of fans with the best intentions and a bunch of publicity hungry muppets, they used to be the goto gob anytime the media wanted an opinion about Saints. Hugely embarrassing for the regular fan who likes to goto matches. I won't name names but a few post on here so i expect to be shot down with a revisionist history of what actually happened, expect Javi's name to get mixed up with it.
  2. Mainly Un-Guided Missile, he may need his targeting recalibrated.
  3. Still waiting for some of the predictions in the last couple of pages to be proved correct, unlike certain posters claiming they were gold standard nailed on. Hmm Tick tock.
  4. I'm not sure this is a record but it might be the most important title and by far the most admired by other clubs "firms" http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/sports_talk/1879433.stm
  5. Hold your hats, a first for this forum. I admit i was wrong. You could probably add Billy Sharp to that. I'm going for a lie down.
  6. Forgot about him, could and should have been great; not sure what went wrong.
  7. Keep watching his goal from Saturday and it reminded me of Marian or Shearer, i don't think we've had a striker with the instinct to go directly towards goal since those two, maybe Beattie but not really.
  8. Fuck John Terry, i don't want that complete cunt anywhere near our club, i'd rather have saggy chops back.
  9. I haven't seen the stats, show me the stats. Ta.
  10. I'm a bit concerned that Turkish et al aren't quite cutting though like they used to, has Brexit affected their sharpness?
  11. Bit of bandwagon jumping but loving Greta Van Fleet - The battle at garden's gate and Burna Boy - Twice as Tall both brilliant IMO
  12. Hey Buddy, just thought i'd help you with this dictionary definition. Depending on your values, i'm right. Virtue Signalling noun the action or practice of publicly expressing opinions or sentiments intended to demonstrate one's good character or the moral correctness of one's position on a particular issue.
  13. I like it, i like the design and the message. Now i'm sure there are some virtue signalling miserable tough chaps on here who play along to the stereotype of the pantomime villain by dismissing things like this and that's ok, it's not for you, so stop wasting all that brain power on it.
  14. Assuming the Armstrong deal goes through smoothly we're still short on Goals, Obafemi and Long are ok but are not the 10 goals a season striker we need as back up to Armstrong & Adams, I'm surprised they haven't taken a chance on Giakoumakis the Greek lad who is supposed to be available for £5M which is worth a punt IMO.
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