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Farting = 2 months in prison

Master Bates

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ANGRY holiday Brit Mike Parry flicked the finger at a speeding driver who nearly knocked him down in Dubai—and got locked up in a stinking jail for a MONTH.


Company boss Mike, 25, told last night how he reacted in shock when the car narrowly missed him as he crossed the road.


But then it screeched to a halt and a group of Arab youths leapt out. They told him his gesture was against the law and demanded he hand over around £1,800—or they’d call the police.


“One bloke was arrested for doing press-ups on the beach — cops accused him of making love to the GROUND and charged him with indecency.


“An airport porter who broke wind as he picked up a local lady’s bags got two months for AIR POLLUTION.


“And a Sri Lankan who lived in Dubai went home for a holiday and got a new HAIRCUT. On his return officials arrested him because they said it didn’t look like his passport.”



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