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Ticket Touting


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Done, not sure what my answers tell you but you can only answer the questions put in front of you.


Guess you need to find loads of 20-somethings who buy loads of tkts to sold-out events via social media?


Interesting proposition though, please come back and post up your conclusions.

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I answered it. Worth noting tho that things work a bit differently here in the US and the secondary market is much more of an accepted way of doing things than in UK. In fact StubHub, which is the largest secondary market provider, is now integrated in with Ticketmaster, and many sports venues will have dedicated StubHub windows for picking up on the day.


There are other reasons for it too. American Football teams need to sell out a certain %age of the stadium or there is a media blackout coverage of the game in the local area. So they often sell the seats at low prices, or heavily encourage purchase of season tickets even for those that don't go every game, and then rely on the secondary market to really figure out ticket sales. I think Red Sox boast some record of most consecutive sellouts - 800 odd - which is really a sham as there are always loads of tickets available on secondary markets.

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