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Your Best/Worst Games of 2008

St Marco

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Well we had one of these every year. Always nice to see what people loved and hated!


My Best 3

1. Fallout 3

2. Metal Gear Solid 4

3. Fable II

Honourable mentions for LittleBigPlanet and Gears 2. Games are about having fun and these are loads of it.


Worst 3

1. Facebreaker (i have boxed since i was 6 i will naturally buy boxing games,AVOID like the plague, worst game ive ever played)

2. Pro Evo 09.

3. Army Of Two

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What's wrong with Pro Evo 09? I love it.


On another note, what happened to all the non fifa/pro evo football games?


Fifa was great this year and i actually still play it more then the other games but it is more of the same isn't it really. Pro Evo 09 i personally felt was the worst in the series. But thats what makes games great some love certain ones and some dislike them, were all picky buggers!

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