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PR stunt going on?


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Lets be honest there is a good chance a PR stunt going on here?: I have never before seen the press in my life time link so many of our players to different clubs, or for that matter any club had its players linked as much as we are currently having. Something just isnt right here on this front-oh and as i speak jay rod is surposed to be joining spurs as the next to leave even though he is injured. Football has curruption these days and we are maybe the target of someone who maybe used to be at the club perhaps,maybe not from our club for that matter?


Someone imo has a big dislike for the club and is doing everything to dismantle it....I may be shot for this, but may even be paying the papers to dismantle us? Maybe not though?


I surpose i just want to know who is behind it if there is indeed any truth to this, with your guess as good as mine? Maybe there is know truth to this?


Again this is just imo though..... I could be very wrong here, but felt the need to post this.





I suspect i wil get loads of abuse now, but it has concerned me for a while.

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I just think it's rare for a smaller club to have so much talent, and most of it being young. There was always going to be huge demand for them this summer. Many forum members bang on about it being impossible to improve on 8th so it's not a huge jump to think managers and players might feel the same and not see much to gain here anymore.


What ****s me off, is the irony of it. Southampton can only ever achieve 8th… O h yeah players say lets make moves. Southampton sell 8 players to clubs above them so that those clubs can fight for positions higher than 8th… doh !

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