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  1. Of course it doesn't mean they aren't genuine refugees and can't ultimately be granted legal status as such. http://eulawanalysis.blogspot.com/2020/08/updated-qs-and-as-on-legal-issues-of.html
  2. The problem with MLT is that he's gone from being predominantly an ex-footballer who expresses some political views a la Peter Reid or Gary Neville to becoming a twitter figure in his own right who happened to play football, especially as most of the world doesn't follow southampton. Once that line is crossed on social media, you're a sitting duck and rightly or wrongly can kiss any kind of goodwill and forbearance goodbye.
  3. shurlock


    Precisely. COVID-19 is a novel virus and there's plenty we still don't know about it. Indeed the more scientists learn about the virus, the more questions arise. We now know that it's not just a respiratory illness and it can ravage various major organs. We're also finding out that even people who are asymptomatic can suffer lung damage - whether this has long-term health consequences or not is by definition not fully understood. The usual suspects can't be helped -reducing a complex illness with a range of outcomes to the risk of dying is a case in point -never mind ignoring the externalities of individual behaviour. But thankfully most health experts -hence why they're experts- exhibit a bit more respect and humility in the face of uncertainty.
  4. By some accounts Johnson is even planning a second list of peers as early as September to reward party donors.
  5. I see Lebedev was awarded a peerage - reminds me of a resident swivel who, without fail, gets his knickers in a twist when the (Not) Independent (pmsl) is quoted on here. Not a peep over this appointment. Good to see intellectual consistency is alive and kicking.
  6. Even guido's fluffers aren't happy with Johnson's decision (once you get past the comments about pakistanis and bedwetting over masks). I'm just glad that our lot is made of sterner stuff.
  7. Julian Lewis is as swivel-eyed as they come - a Brexit Spartan who voted against May’s deal on all three occasions (unlike Johnson and JRM but hey they have posh accents and do the deferential duffers on here love a posh accent). Such is the way that the swivels are defining pinko and nonpinko, remainer and leaver, there’ll be nobody left on their side except those on a watchlist and oddball platforms like parler. Keep eating your own lads.
  8. “British business faces £7bn red tape bill under Brexit border plan Government’s ‘new start’ will generate 215m customs declarations a year and need 50,000 extra customs agents“ https://www.ft.com/content/fbc6f191-6d69-4dcb-b374-0fa6e48a9a1e Bloody EU and it’s red tape - Brexit and Brexiters the gifts that keep on giving.
  9. Leaving aside the words you're putting into my mouth, the BSA is one of the most respected longitudinal surveys in the country, using state-of-the-art random sampling procedures. They're much more rigorous than yougov and other polling organisations. I can assure you they will have gone to excruciating lengths, as serious survey statisticians do, to ensure that the sample was as representative as possible of the underlying population at hand -so that they could make robust, generalisable statements. Charge me as guilty if I accept and reproduce their statements over an epically thick bumpkin who plays the favourite SWF card of claiming a small sample -in the process displaying their ignorance of statistics and the subject matter (spoiler: truly random sampling lets you do alot with a very small sample with acceptable confidence levels and intervals -needless to say its a huge and complex area of study). You really are living proof of the old Dunning-Kruger effect. Ignorance must be truly bliss.
  10. Maybe you should write to John Curtice and the statisticians at the NatCen and let me them know of your concerns. Definitely enclose the article link too pal. You can contact them here. https://www.bsa.natcen.ac.uk/about/funding.aspx
  11. Not sure what your cute little point is - either way, its splendidly uninformed.
  12. I said degree, so its consistent with my statement. As for survey design/sample size, please do not wade into a subject you know nothing about pal.
  13. It was 70:30 in favour of remain - see NatCen's British Social Attitudes 34.
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