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  1. Glad to see the usual chumps swallowing any old shit 😀
  2. Was on absolutely top form in today’s briefing. Who said he struggled with detail? At least, he said he wouldn’t take a knee - that will keep the hysterical halfwits happy.
  3. Antonio’s not bad for a L1 player.
  4. As usual Gary Neville thinks every goal from a free kick or long range shot is the keepers fault. Good free kick.
  5. They’re principally refugees (btw nowt to do with FoM) but given your mind is so warped and addled by xenophobia, ignorance, fear and lack of empathy, it’s an easy mistake to make it I guess.
  6. The Lincoln Project is playing a blinder and absolutely shitting all over Trump. Its videos are worth checking out. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpYCxV51bykhMY-wSUozQRg
  7. I hope he gets a proper send off. An epitome of modesty and at times a forgotten man - theres something cruelly fitting about how he’s left the club. He deserves better.
  8. Mightily unlucky Che - really good burst to work the chance.
  9. Jesus wept. There is zero context for a phrase like I like McVities Gold Bars (nice moronic strawman but perhaps someone's 'Jewish mates' can point out the latent antisemitism and enlighten me). By contrast, a statement like WLM is laden in context and baggage. Whether its on the same level as white power is debatable (WLM is certainly not as established) but at this particular cultural moment in time, with the advent of BLM, its fishing in not dissimilar waters. Needless the darker associations of WLM are missed only by the dim, deliberately coy and more often than not outright scumbags. #whatacoincidence #ilikemcvitiesgoldbars
  10. Yep. Looking very sharp on the ball and pretty much orchestrating things for Fulham.
  11. Jess Phillips hard left? She's a pragmatist and despised by the Corbynite left. Needless to say, oddballs who are obsessed with culture wars will probably have something against her.
  12. Les has already got that job sewn up on here.
  13. Precisely - anybody and everyone could register an interest. Supply wasn't fixed. Whether people got into the arena was on a first-come-first-serve basis - hence the sight of chumps camping during the week.
  14. Chelsea 2-1 up in a blink of an eye.
  15. Maybe the crowd noise is some kind of rorschach test but I'm convinced they're playing 'you're not fit to referee' half the time.
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