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  1. What a damp squib. The UK predictably folded when it came to the crunch - the EU is very pleased with itself (from sources close to the negotiations). I agree with JP Morgan’s assessment: “The good news is that a disruptive and acrimonious ‘no deal’ has been avoided. The bad news for the UK, in our view, is that the EU appears to have secured a deal which allows it to retain nearly all the advantages it derives from the UK while giving it the ability to use regulatory structures to cherry pick among the sectors where the UK had previously enjoyed advantages in the trading relationship. That
  2. Trust Brexiters on here to misunderstand a PowerPoint slide designed for dummies to illustrate the simple fact that there is a trade-off between market access and sovereignty (given the UK's fondness for cherries and cake) and that the UK's redlines pushed it towards a standard goods-based FTA - the EU's FTA with South Korea and Canada being recent examples. Needless to say -and it really beggars belief it needs to be said, every FTA will differ in the precise details (Canada and South Korea do) depending on the circumstances at hand. Indeed the EU made it abundantly clear in its first of
  3. From the chair of Kick it Out - seeing as the organisation is all respectable and legitimate. Indeed his words are far more unequivocal and damning: https://twitter.com/SanjayKickItOut/status/1335536769467633664
  4. Happily take the point (don’t think we’ve won up there since our 6-0 in 2007), though I do think if Walcott had taken his chance (great hold up play and ball by Adams), it would have been game over. That’s why Walcott will always be a nearly man and Ings is such a miss. For once, we lost midfield as Wolves pressed and gave us a taste of our own medicine. Romeu, in particular, struggled against their athleticism. That in turn rubbed off onto our two CBs. Given our two attacking midfielders tuck in so much, I wouldn’t underestimate the loss of Redmond in that area of the pitch. Physical
  5. Please no. The last thing we need is 4000 of our ‘legendary’ support getting on the players backs. Seriously, though, I can’t see how they wouldn’t prioritise SO postcodes. Those living outside the area fall to some extent into the same category as away supporters -and by all accounts they’re not being let back in just yet.
  6. Completely dominant performance against a dirty, overrated side - Vestergaard, Romeu, JWP, Ings all excellent.
  7. Thought he grew into the game but overall he was pretty subdued. Walker-Peters performance certainly benefited him.
  8. Good resilient performance with more than enough quality to warrant a point. Thought Ings and Adams were excellent (everyone rightly focuses on Ings finishing but his close control is also right up there). Both carried our attack as Redmond and Walcott were relatively subdued. Can see a lack of consistency in our attacking ‘wide’ positions being an issue for the rest of the season (Walker-Peters papered over some of the cracks today). Very happy for Vestergaard who’s put in some solid performances. Today was particularly impressive as Chelsea (unlike Burnley) has pace to burn. One s
  9. Lincoln Project still playing a blinder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bk6d4TgO2NY
  10. The Lincoln Project is playing a blinder and absolutely shitting all over Trump. Its videos are worth checking out. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpYCxV51bykhMY-wSUozQRg
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVy_LWM091g Poor old Donald - being given a taste of his own medicine.
  12. In the eyes of his base, it’s all about winding up the ‘lefties’, the specifics -never mind the implications for US democracy- have never really mattered. You see subtle forms of that same culture war and abdication of moral judgment over here.
  13. Bread and circuses for the halfwits and life’s perennial victims. I wish Trump had ‘balls of steel’ to take responsibility for once in his life.
  14. I saw it -and anyone with the slightest understanding of US politics knows politicians from both sides of the political divide appeal to voters in Spanish. Marco Rubio made it a central pillar of his presidential primary campaign in 2016, especially in attacking fellow Republican frontrunner Ted Cruz. Even Jeb Bush was flouting his Spanish skills.
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