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  1. IIRC, Vestergaard had a complete mare against Burnley in the corresponding fixture last season, so it was far from straightforward. I think the switch had as much to do with Stephens recent form as Vestergaard’s suitability for certain fixtures.
  2. Completely forgettable game. Burnley's lack of pace played into our hands and high line, so were the perfect side to get us up and going. Romeu and Vestergaard both put in decent shifts.
  3. Sterling work boys. https://www.ft.com/content/edb7d155-56b4-4065-9f83-31b2247fa178 I don't know what's funnier - the provisions against state aid which the UK considers a red line in negotiations with the EU and a fundamental encroachment on its sovereignty (something about Cummings wanting a free hand to build a trillion dollar tech company to rival Google or another pmsl) or the agricultural provisions in the FTA. Remember how the UK was going to secure a better deal for UK food than the EU, including a symbolic win for cheese (never mind many Japanese are lactose-intolerant). It turns out the UK failed to secure said deal (specifically new tariff-rate quotas under which it would have been able to sell a limited quantity of food to Japan at lower tariffs). Instead it was told it could only use any quota left unfilled by the EU i.e its sloppy seconds and only for 10 of the 25 products covered in the EU-Japan FTA. I'm just surprised the Japanese didn't include a provision to sell Brexiters magic beans.
  4. Even by your standards Les, this is quite an achievement. Add ignorance about the role of Speaker of the House of Representatives and how the US political system works to the pitifully and predictably long list of subjects you know nothing about.
  5. I prefer the Trump virus. Interestingly in Chinese, they refer to athletes foot as Hong Kong foot.
  6. Dont worry nobody who wants to go to university will miss out. So what if you've had your heart set on a top institution and your results arbitrarily downgraded, there are still places at pompey and bristol poly knocking about.
  7. A widely cited South Korean study suggests differences across age groups - in particular the importance of distinguishing between younger and older children. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/18/health/coronavirus-children-schools.html Surprise, surprise we're learning new things about the virus everyday and even then the evidence base is far from conclusive and settled.
  8. Of course it doesn't mean they aren't genuine refugees and can't ultimately be granted legal status as such. http://eulawanalysis.blogspot.com/2020/08/updated-qs-and-as-on-legal-issues-of.html
  9. The problem with MLT is that he's gone from being predominantly an ex-footballer who expresses some political views a la Peter Reid or Gary Neville to becoming a twitter figure in his own right who happened to play football, especially as most of the world doesn't follow southampton. Once that line is crossed on social media, you're a sitting duck and rightly or wrongly can kiss any kind of goodwill and forbearance goodbye.
  10. shurlock


    Precisely. COVID-19 is a novel virus and there's plenty we still don't know about it. Indeed the more scientists learn about the virus, the more questions arise. We now know that it's not just a respiratory illness and it can ravage various major organs. We're also finding out that even people who are asymptomatic can suffer lung damage - whether this has long-term health consequences or not is by definition not fully understood. The usual suspects can't be helped -reducing a complex illness with a range of outcomes to the risk of dying is a case in point -never mind ignoring the externalities of individual behaviour. But thankfully most health experts -hence why they're experts- exhibit a bit more respect and humility in the face of uncertainty.
  11. By some accounts Johnson is even planning a second list of peers as early as September to reward party donors.
  12. I see Lebedev was awarded a peerage - reminds me of a resident swivel who, without fail, gets his knickers in a twist when the (Not) Independent (pmsl) is quoted on here. Not a peep over this appointment. Good to see intellectual consistency is alive and kicking.
  13. Even guido's fluffers aren't happy with Johnson's decision (once you get past the comments about pakistanis and bedwetting over masks). I'm just glad that our lot is made of sterner stuff.
  14. Julian Lewis is as swivel-eyed as they come - a Brexit Spartan who voted against May’s deal on all three occasions (unlike Johnson and JRM but hey they have posh accents and do the deferential duffers on here love a posh accent). Such is the way that the swivels are defining pinko and nonpinko, remainer and leaver, there’ll be nobody left on their side except those on a watchlist and oddball platforms like parler. Keep eating your own lads.
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