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  1. Thank f***k for that. Best news I've had in ages. Gao was taking the club absolutely nowhere. Even Rupert Lowe had more plans than him. Pity Fat Kat aint going too.
  2. Levy proves once again what a c*ckwomble he really is
  3. Utterly shocking match stats. Even for us.
  4. One of us. Any chance of a minute's silence before the Bournemouth game ?
  5. A club exactly the same age as ours, looks like its out of time. We all remember the despair we felt before Markus and Cortese turned up, I guess. I hope someone pulls a last- minute rabbit out of the hat..
  6. And big Vic is on his way out of WHL. I'd have them both back like a shot.
  7. ...in other words, we've left it too long. Was Djenepo really the highest priority with it looking likely that Boufal will be hanging about and an obvious "sell before buying" policy ?
  8. 4 are sh*t or inconsistent, and Ralph plays 3. Its a very simple equation...
  9. Will be fascinating to see how Klarer does. I know the Austrian FA think he's one for the future. Would be great if he steps up. Unfortunately I am too busy to get anywhere near the team this time. If it was down the road from me like when the team were in Villach for the Schalke / Besitkas games, I would gladly pass on what I see and find out, but Altach is as far west in Austria as you can get, right at the Swiss border and as such 1000Km round trip. I might as well drive back to Soton....
  10. The kits are growing on me. But that sponsors logo is utterly hideous
  11. The new kits suck. And the sponsor logo makes them suck even more.
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