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Cow slurry fetishist


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Can any Cornish saints confirm if this is normal behavior in Cornwall? :scared::uhoh::uhoh:




A man with a cow slurry fetish has been jailed for five years after threatening to kill a family who tried to stop him targeting their farm.


David Truscott, 44, repeatedly rolled around naked in cow slurry and developed an obsession with a farm in Redruth, Cornwall.


Exeter Crown Court heard that Truscott, formerly of Camborne, Cornwall, targeted the property for eight years.


Last year he admitted making threats to kill and also damage property.


Calf killed

The court heard that he initially removed cow pats from the farm but his behaviour escalated, with Truscott regularly entering the farm to perform a sex act in slurry.


The court was told he then decided to exact revenge on the owners when they erected bollards and removed slurry from their farm in a bid to deter him.


Truscott, who was jailed in 2005, 2009 and 2011 for his actions at the property, repeatedly set fire to their shed, tractor, enclosures and hay - killing a calf in one blaze.


On Friday he was handed an extended sentence of 10 years following psychiatric reports.


Judge Philip Wassall said Truscott, who has autism spectrum disorder, would spend the first five years of his prison sentence receiving hospital treatment.


He will serve an extended licence period of five years on release from prison.


The judge also imposed an extended restraining order to keep him away from the farm.

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