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  1. They would just get a safe seat MP to resign with a promise of a peerage and put her in that seat
  2. Unlikely especially considering that we took Forster off their hands.
  3. CB Saint


    To be fair, anyone who used to post regularly in the Lounge and TMS headed that way. There is still more football related snippets on here, however you have to wade through an increasing morass of ****e to find it. Which is a shame.
  4. No 6 is terrible - we should go for that one
  5. I thought he said he would only do this if the bell end left
  6. CB Saint

    New Captain

    Given that it seems to be the kiss of death for the players tenure at Saints, I'd give the captaincy to someone we want to get shot of.
  7. Next to East Street multi-storey. You made sure you behaved when they worked the door.
  8. So basically the IOW has ****ed up the NHS
  9. Tbf be fair - I didnt have a clue what it was for and thought "what the fking hell was that" all about
  10. If he wanted to go to Wembley, then maybe he should buy a season ticket and then he would have been entitled to go.
  11. Phew, I was getting worried about the distraction that would be caused by Sydenhampton's impending class action
  12. Eight hours in and already our new striker is ****e. That's has to be a record even for this place.
  13. If that is true, you had better give credit where credits due and start a Les appreciation thread.
  14. That is a poor comparison He took 5hr 30 mins to run each one - hardly elite level performance. I m sure that if our players jogged along at 50% effort they could then play every day, but we would be ****ted 25-0 every game. There is a reason why managers kick off every time the schedule backs up - High intensity activity needs proper recovery otherwise it leads to sub par performance and / or injury. Of course a few fat blokes down the pub know better.
  15. Give me a funny O thing
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