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Golden Posts for the Ages


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Yo! This is reservoir to record the great things bros say on saintsweb!


What you do when someone does a gr8 post you record it on here with brief explanation of context & so future generations can admire all the gr8 things ppl said.

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This is martel on the subject of meeting Luke Shaw at Rowham's services in May 2014:


Well Saints fans I have just met with Luke Shaw at Rownhams services with a under 21 player Jamal, I have written the conversation below as it was said.


Me. Luke is that you.


Luke Hi


Me. Luke how do you cope with all the media speculation.


Luke. I just ignore it all.


Me No doubt you are getting good advice, however, just listen to an old fart like me for once.


Luke Laughs


Me. Man City have just won the premiership, think though, did they win it or buy it.


Luke. They bought it.


Me Exactly, so who had the greater achievement, Saints finishing 8th with a young squad some of which out of our academy or City?


Luke. Good point.(Obviously recognized what I said made sense.)


Me. Listen I am not asking you what your intentions are, that is your business and personal and you have to do what you and your advisers think best.


Luke. Nod of approval and thanked.


Me. In addition Luke, think about the Saints players that have left because they thought the grass would be greener, Beats and Bridge as two examples, both of the careers took a dive after that and do you want to be a bench warmer?


Luke. That is true.


Me. No doubt you drive a nice car and you can probably park it wherever you like, you won't be able to do that in Manchester, you will be buying wheels every other week.


Luke. Laughs.


Me. Please think long and hard about what Southampton are trying to achieve before you make a call, you can play a huge part in that, or you can be a small fish in a big pond.


Luke. That's true.


Me. If you were my son I would tell you to stay at Saints a bit longer, lets face it you are only eighteen, if you stayed till you were 25 you could probably demand even bigger bucks. ( Me thinking that must sound like an eternity to a 18 year old)


Luke. Just smiled.


Me. (They needed to get away) Just to say Luke, many congratulations on making it into the world cup squad, and what ever you decide all the very best, just stay with Saints.


Luke smiled.


Me. Finally, no doubt you watch football pundits say on T.V., just do one thing for me, Ignore Robbie Savage.


Luke. Why


Me. Because the guy is a Pratt and should be ignored.


Luke. Laughs again.


Said our goodbyes, could I have changed his mind, I doubt that very much, all I did was make the most of an opportunity to get my five eggs in, only time will tell.

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Nice try Bear but you still ain't gonna catch the Tokes up with something lame like this in TMS.


Now, IF you had created a Golden Posts thread to keep the best ever (almost) naked women pics in.........


But then now that's MY idea so you're now way down in at least 10th place behind even ME in the voting. Hell you're even behind Hamster & he's only been back a few days.


Now run along back to the main board unless you have some golfing anecdotes to share.

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