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I'm selling my 1986 Mk2 Scirocco


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Model: Scirocco GT 1.6 Auto

Year: 1986

Mileage: Unknown - clock has been stuck on 77K since I've had it

Tax: January 2015

MOT: July 2104 but will be getting it done soon, may take lower offer if sold before then

Current owner: Yes

V5 present: Yes

Location: Chester

Price: £1,000 (ono)

Contact Details: PM me for contact details please

Additional Information: I've used this car everyday for the last two years and this is a very reluctant sale as I now need something more practical. It starts every time and has only ever let me down a couple of times due to a flat battery. It has had a new battery last year and been fine since. The car is mechanically sound with no rust. It's had a new exhaust recently and I have all receipts and MOT certs going back to when the car was new. I also have the original handbook complete with all service stamps. There are also 2 sets of keys.


For its age it is in great condition with only a few things wrong. The clock shows 77k but it has been stuck with that since I've had it, records show it was working shortly before I bought it and I have put maybe 15-20K on it (used everyday for short journey to work). The dashboard has a crack in it where it has heated at some-point and cracked. the wheels are not original but are the ones I bought it with, they could do with a clean up or if I had the inclination, I would have put some original steel wheels on it.


I even have a Haynes manual which I will throw in.


Test drives welcome.









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Good point, I can't edit my post either. I should have thought this through more.


If you're interested, you can email me at nbalcombe (at) hotmail dot com


I'm getting the MOT done today too, so (not counting chickens) will hopefully have a long MOT to go with the long tax too.

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