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Half time in sweden

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whilst many European leagues take a winter break around Christmas / New Year, the Swedish season (April-October) has one around Midsummer (June 21st).


In the all-too-short Swedish summer, fans and players alike enjoy a short holiday break after the school term ends (June 6th here) and try to make the best of the highly unpredictable summer climate.


This year it is even worse, as a longer break to take into account the shenanigans in Brazil has meant that it's an even longer break than normal. More annoying for the Swedish fans as they missed out on the party when losing a play-off with Portugal. Those fan I know, rested their hopes on supporting Spain, Italy, Portugal and England....needless to say we are all disappointed.


However, it's still around a week until " regular football" starts, and it's difficult for fans to get excited looking at results of lower league matches played in obscure leagues around the country.


Meantime, the 12 game start.. (it's a 30 match season) has seen last year's champions Malmö establish a six point league at the top with Kalmar and 38 y.o.Anders Svensson's Elfsborg) (YES..he's still playing) in the following places, as the best of the rest. In true Swedish democratic fashion, many of the games played so far ... have ended in boring DRAWS.


An interesting time awaits last years top sides as the qualifying games for this season's Euro competitions will start soon. The Academy-based outfit Brommapojkarna have had a dreadful start to the season and sit in bottom place in the Allsvenskan (read Prem. League), having been granted a place in the Europa League ....based on UEFA's Fair Play rule.


Most observers expect their survival in the competition will be about as short-lived as were the ** above-mentioned countries in the Brazil.


One interesting prospect will be to see the most outstanding change of form after the long break. Top sides can begin to lose form, whereas mediocre clubs suddenly come back playing like Brazilians.

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Me and my lad go to all the Helsingborg home games, David accam won't be there next season , he's different class, probably the best player in Allsvenskan.


i reckon Danny Fox could be the best player in AllSvenne!


this year the league is worse than ever. Malmö have won it without playing especially well.

Good to see Häcken going well .... Up the Arse

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