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  1. that really is hilarious...only in the mind of an inbred thick skate c unt
  2. Allen was probably born out of a docker hughes ( little t wat) fumble with some slapper using phrases like ' jog on' Class allen...real class
  3. 3 years ago... and we are still smirking every day
  4. A genuine skate more than likely, they really are that special.
  5. Shame he has'nt got the balls to post, would have been fun ripping the skate to threads
  6. skate aka fartonizer Try to find me,a clue for you bacon even you can work that out
  7. Who remembers a ' Donkey's for sale' add being placed in the snooze along with the skatesmouth fc phone number about 20 years ago?
  8. They always promise so much,then turn and run quicker than a skate board member with an envelope full of charity money.
  9. From a carlisle fan.. long but so true, he sums up skate fans well at the end There’s this bloke closely associated with Portsmouth Football Club. You all know him – obese, uncouth, dreadlocked, tattooed and clanging a huge bell as though his life depended on it. While his commitment to the club is laudable, even honourable on a good day, he is incredibly, unutterably insufferable. Seemingly almost hell bent on ruining the match day experience of visiting fans while lapping up his own self-importance and pouting into any camera within 20 yards. I’d never really viewed him as
  10. Where have you been ?? you could have been laughing in their faces for months already
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