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i feel home sick

Viking Warrior

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went on board the P/O cruise ship Arcadia this morning, Which called into Orkney

Its on its way back to Southampton


I wish I could have stayed on board and returned home


It was its maiden voyage to Orkney.

Arcadia is massive but looking at the pictures on board of their new ship Britania. its quite small in comparison.

Britiania is going to be some ship. It will do the docks proud

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Hi Viking,

My wife and I are on the ship at the moment. We were here on a day trip from John O'Groats 4 weeks ago and it's good to be back again. We went to Maes Howe this morning which I didn't have time for before and spent the afternoon in Kirkwall. I must say that the island looks magnificent in the sunshine and four weeks have certainly made a big difference to the countryside and flowers. We shall be back again before too long. Check your PMs within the next two hours if you can.

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Thanks Viking, we got back home this morning after a great trip. Great to see you, even if you were only a distant dot and thanks for waving us off with your Saints flag. My wife thought the pipe band were a very nice touch but I missed them unfortunately. Keep your chin up and next time were up there well try to get in touch first.

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