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Right, it looks like we're losing my 5 favourite players from last season but players come and go and the team is what we support. I loved Beattie, Niemi, Oxo, Walcott, Bridge, Baird, Surman, Bale, Killer, Marsden, Ormerod and others and they've all passed through as well. Heroes come and go, it's part of football, who are your picks for the heroes of next season?


I'll start off with Big Vic, the beast, he's going to be an animal next season and tear midfielders to shreds.

In goal we have the made pole who's always great for entertainment value.

Clyne to push on and prove he's worthy of an England spot or Targett to step up his game and make the left back slot his own.


Who do you think are going to be the heroes of 14'/'15?

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Would like to see Reed & McQueen do good things in midfield, think chambers will have another good season. Think if Ings comes in he'll smash 20 for us.


Also Davis & Morgan - need their consistency & calmness

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Rodriguez seems committed to the cause and I think he could again be amazing for us once back from injury. Ramirez has his best chance yet to step up to the plate. Would like to see Ings come in but there is no chance that he will "smash 20 for us".


Rodriguez, Boruc and Schneiderlin if he stays, plus Tadíc if he signs and Ramírez if he steps up to be the 'hero's', for me! :D

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