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The New Five Year Plan (or Not)

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Word on the street from Huggy Bear, cousin to Bearsy is there is new five year plan in the offing.


Year one - Relegation from the Premiership.


Sell a few more players and keep the parachute payment. Replace with 16 year old acadamy players


Year Two - Relegation from the Championship


Spend 5 million in League one to get the best and brightest from League one and Championship.


Win League one, (as daddy, and that nasty little man, didn't do that) and the Johnstones Paint Trophy (just to Equal daddy)


Year Three - Promotion to the Championship as Champions of League 1.


Spend 20 million on the best and the brightest that we don't already own to go with the best and brightest from League One


Year Four - Promotion to the Premiership as Champions of the Championship, (daddy and that horrible little oik didn't do that either)


Spend 40 million to stay in the Premiership and finish above 17. Use 16 year old acadamy players to bolster team.


Year Five - Sell,Sell, Sell


Those players that set us back 5 million are worth at least 60 million, the players that cost 20 million must be woth 60 million also, and the 40 million players will break even


so, 100 million now

100 million + 6 million + 4 million = 110 million


Spend 65 million = 45 million in the bank


45 million plus 140 million is 185 million. A tidy profit and no mistake. But there will be no more fans except a loyal two to three humdread, but what does it matter, they are not the primary revenue stream any more.


There you go, football club management as taught by the Dell Boy school of Managing yer actual footty ball Club.

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New 5 year plan as of January 2014; Sell everybody, take the money and p*ss off.

Don't even care myself as long as someone somewhere is honest about it.

Said back in January that we could only judge the new management on future actions, once again we were about 5 or 6 to say that at most, same as the replacement of Adkins by Pochettino. Of course we got told we were idiots and other sundry playground names.

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