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Jan and Mark q+A part 2


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"Adam Lallana, for instance, was not really utilised until towards the end of last season, and now he is one of our best players. There are other players coming through that people have not heard much about yet and so the situation is similar"


Erm, no it isn't. Nearly all of us had heard of Lallana well before he started playing last season.


"I think Lloyd is doing a marvellous job on the right. I agree that he's a midfield player, but when we have Morgan Schneiderlin, Andrew Surman, Lallana, Gillett, Cork who can all play there then it's difficult to put them all on the pitch."


This doesn't answer the question - why was he given a chance at RB and Jamie Hatch (who is a natural in that position) simply forgotten?


Apart from that, I agree with pretty much everything else they said.

EDIT: Also noticed that when asked about the forwards out on loan, Stern John is not mentioned.

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How does team selection work?


JP: We came here wanting to play 4-3-3…attacking football. I like a team that you can build on and keep the same side when they are doing well but sometimes you need to make changes. The team selection and the tactics, and any blame, are all down to me.


MW: Myself, Dean Gorré, Dave Hockaday and the medical staff all advise Jan. We are from Holland and if anyone tells us who to pick we would resign. No way would we put a team on the pitch that we didn't decide ourselves because if you assume that someone on the board would tell us who to select them it's disrespectful to us and we would never accept it.


From the horses mouth.

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