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Fiesta ST's are a little pocket rocket, really nice cars. The Focus ST has more muscle though for sure.


I've got a Stealth ST3 (65 plate), it's a stunning car to drive - great fun, especially when you put your foot down in third gear and watch the turbo gauge go up. Assuming as you're after an ST, you're not really looking for mileage economy...! The best I've got mine to run at is 32mpg, but it averages around 28 I'd say.


If you go for a Focus ST3 you get the full Recaro package for the two front seats, they're the best seats I've ever had in a car - very snug, but they're meant to be like that when you do the corners at 50mph..!


But yeah, if you can afford the lease I'd go for a Focus ST. My lease on mine is up in a few years, will be interesting to see what prices the RS is at then...

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