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Goal of the season (so far...)


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Bored of the "burn down St Mary's" brigade (and exam revision) so thought it would be interesting to get opinions on our goal of the season so far... despite the doom and gloom we've seen some great ones this year.


The contenders:


Boufal V Sunderland

Boufal V Middlesbrough

Rodriguez V Bournemouth

Clasie V Arsenal


For me, it has to be Boufal V Sunderland - can't remember many better at St Mary's since we've been back in the PL.

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Boufal vs. Sunderland for me too. I loved J-Rod's against Bournemouth, but Boufal's was sublime. It was also the winning goal.


Close, but of those two it's Boufal. The remaining two were good, but not amazing, for my money.

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