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    BT Pass

    Does anyone know if Virgin are doing free BT Sport access again for this one?
  2. Caught this on Twitter just now. What a mess! https://twitter.com/journokatie/status/1225186761095241728?s=20 Chairman/owner trying to rip club apart to make some more money off the land the stadium is on. Only issue is, there's a covenant in place until 2053 to say the land must be used for the club. Conveniently, this went 'missing', so fella started work on it (including listing parts of the ground on eBay). The covenant has just been found...
  3. This is actually it. He best not shave until the rest of the season. I believe all players have to stroke it before heading down the tunnel.
  4. He had very little service, in fairness. He made a number of runs, but Romeu just wasn't on his wavelength. He became more frustrated with those around him as the game went on. Suspect if he'd been playing in front of Bertrand, Cedric or Armstrong, it might have been a different outcome. Plus, any time he did get the ball, Huddersfield lept on him far quicker than anyone else. They'd obviously been briefed, and knew that it was probably going to be a game where he had a point to prove, so nulified the threat. It wasn't a good game of football at all. It feels like he keeps being given chances, but I don't actually think he does. He's limited to these little cameo appearances, and never seems to get 90mins. He and Djenepo are genuinely exciting players, and both have the ability to be ruthless, but I worry that the majority of his teammates aren't dialled in to Boufal's mental tactics.
  5. The only silver-lining about losing (and the magnitude of it) is getting to read the resulting blog.
  6. Ibra in the last minutes of the EFL cup final a couple of years ago. I knew it was going to happen, too.
  7. This is a valid point, and needs to be stressed. 45 points in a season is a solid achievement with the squad he has at his disposal. We've had a tough start to the season, and the issues with the club/players runs deeper than something that could be uplifted by the better finish to last season that we enjoyed. Given everything, I think we're lucky to have him, and it makes me sad to see him looking so dejected and bummed out recently. He needs to be allowed to bring in a couple of players over January of his own choosing. Players he personally rates and identifies as ways to strengthen the team. I'm sure we'll sign nobody (maybe see Josh Sims go out on loan again most likely), but I think he needs everyone's backing right now. We owe him for last season.
  8. I just saw a bit of it, but thought it looked pretty good. It's simple enough (i.e. not all about football) that my missus might watch it with me tonight!
  9. Pointing the finger at RH is ridiculous, and frankly makes me embarrassed to be in the same 'fan' base. He knows more than us. He has far, far more information at hand with which to make his calls and judgements, and he's more experienced than all of us, too. Last year, he was the messiah, and showed the difference between a clueless coach, and an excellent coach. Just because I don't understand why Vestegaard played the other week instead of Valery switching for Cedric, doesn't mean he was wrong. It just means I don't know why he did it. It doesn't mean professional managers are never wrong, but we've hardly had a sustained period of cockups! He's done far more right than wrong, and has earned enough to time see what he can do with this squad, which, if we're being honest, are largely the problem, and that's down to the board and the recruitment more than the manager.
  10. I love the Stinger. Driving one is a two-fingered salute to those who put image above ability. I'd have one any day (though used, once the depreciation has worn off) Was the same with the Citroen C6, only the Stinger is good to drive apparently, whereas the C6 was literally just about the waft.
  11. kitch

    Che Adams

    I really like him. Very strong, and sure-footed on the ball. Seems to have good agility and balance, too. Will bully some of the weaker defenders in ways that none of our other options do, though VVD was keeping him at bay with ease yesterday. Give it some time and I think he'll flourish. Really pleased we got him, personally. I like what he brings. Just needs to be a bit more clinical, but he needs time. If he was ready to hit the ground running, he would have been a £40m striker.
  12. For those who remember, Sharp never actually left the club until Koeman arrived. He was loaned out a few times, but I feel it's sad he never got the chance with us in the PL.
  13. When Blackmore lost it as Mane scored the winner having been 2-0 against L'pool a few years back. Class
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