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Fifth Gear - Speedway related


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BELLE Vue superstar Jason Crump, winner of 27 of his last 30 races at home, will tackle a unique challenge to his supremacy at the Kirkmanshulme Lane circuit later this month.

Crump, the fastest man ever round the track, will race against three different cars driven by former Grand Prix and Le Mans ace Tiff Needell, who is now a presenter for Channel Five's Fifth Gear programme.


Needell, a World class driver in many different aspects of four-wheel racing, has picked up the challenge to race against double World speedway champion Crump in a feature for the next series of the show later this year.


Needell will race against Crump in three different vehicles which have still to be confirmed.


But they are likely to be a Rage Buggy, a Formula 1 Stockcar and the Citroen Xsara belonging to Mad Mark Watson, the current British Rallycross Open Champion.


A Rage Buggy should be quite spectacular as it has a 900cc engine to the 500cc of a speedway bike and can go from 0-60 mph in three seconds.


How it handles the tight Belle Vue bends remains to be seen but the stockcar should have no problem as they race regularly at the stadium.


A spokesman for Fifth Gear said: "We have no idea what type of car stands the best chance so Tiff's idea is to try something small and light in the first race, like a Rage Buggy.


"Then we'll go a bit more brutal in race 2, maybe with an F1 Stockcar. Finally, we'll go for a full blown Rallycross monster in race 3. We're taking this challenge very seriously and will be coming up to Manchester to give it our best shot."


Aces' chief David Gordon said: "We are delighted that Fifth Gear and Tiff Needell accepted our challenge and there is no doubt he means to give Jason a real test.


"Obviously we think Jason will take a lot of beating around our track but it will be fascinating to see how it works out.


"We are sure it will make compulsive viewing and we are happy Jason could fit it into what is a very busy schedule


Programme will air on Channel 5 on 25-8-08 at 8.00pm

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Good one Crumpie! How did they do it? Were they starting from the same place or half a lap apart for safety?

They started on opposite sides of the track and did the usual 4 laps. Jason actually overtook the first car and caught up with the other 2. The stock car even had a rolling start!

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