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Radio Solent tomorrow from 0800hrs


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Live broadcast from SMS on the 20th anniversary of the opening game.

Fitzhugh Fella and Nick Illingsworth from Ugly Inside being interviewed.

Whilst I was sad to lose the many good memories of The Dell, must admit I was really pleased to be able to move to a modern stadium with a decent capacity.

I was also really pleased we were able to fill it!!

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The Dell was great, one of those unique football grounds which builds a great atmosphere. I don't have as many memories there as some of our more experienced fans though. But one of the biggest regrets about St Mary's is the lack of atmosphere, it does feel a little flat at times.

But we had to move - the club had to grow and I think 32k fits us fairly nicely as a fan base.

One of my personal best memories at St Mary's is when we beat Coventry so comprehensively to get ourselves promoted, the ground was rocking. It was followed quite closely by the Walsall game the year before!

PL years - for me, the best game and best atmosphere was Southampton 3 - 2 Liverpool (when Mane hit the brace)

The ground was physically shaking from underneath me when Mane scored in the 88th min or whatever it was, I'm sure I've still got the bruise on my leg from almost falling down a row!

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