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Leeds away tickets...


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6 hours ago, tisspahars said:

Could someone who knows about these things tell me if these are likely to go to General Sale or will I need to explore other avenues? Thanks in advance...

Surprisingly this went onto STHs with 5+ away games first which to me suggests the club thinks this will be a popular fixture.

Given that last seasons game was behind closed doors, this is our first visit in 9.5 years and we've taken decent amounts up north recently, except for Burnley away that is.

My guess is that this will make general sale - only Utd sold out to members and part of me thinks that many thought it was worth paying the £20 membership fee + £30 ticket to watch Ronaldo.

Wolves made general sale, as did Everton away and Newcastle away, and even Liverpool away went to general sale.

Don't take my word for it though! Unfortunately the club have made it so that you can't see how many tickets are left until it reaches your turn, so I can't advise you to buy a membership either.

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