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Sky in Palamos, Costa Bava, Spain


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Hi All


Sunny myself in Sunny Spain. We are in a very non english area call La Fosca near Palamos on the Costa Brava hence we have not seen anywhere that has Sky. If anyone knows the area and can tell me where to see the Blackpool game then i would be greatfull.


Saints will always be with me

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Sorry. I have checked but we cannot help on that location.


I have done a couple of phone calls in the area in most likely places to have SKY but they did not have or did not know where.:mad:


It seems you are in a very nice but quite small place and not many brits living there (the other 400.000 brits must be living somewhere else in Spain :) ) so it has not been possible to help on this occassion. Hopefully somebody else here might know!


Enjoy your time there. COYR




Spanish Saints Supporters Club

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Hi Mighty!


I know your area quite well from several holidays there. There are a few hotels around that have Sky Sports but it would be advisable to check with them first.


Play d'Aro: Caleta Palace Hotel, Columbus Hotel




Toroella de Montgri: Picasso Hotel

La Bisbal d'Emporda: Hotel Castell d'emporda


Good Luck!

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