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Sheaf Saint

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Right, I started this thread on the old forum and I'm resurrecting it now cos I went to see Gomez live at Plug in Sheffield lastnight.


Was kind of a home-coming gig for them cos they are touring their 10th anniversary of Bring it On and they first got together at Sheffield University (got a fantastic reaction when they did the line 'Rolling into Sheffield tonight' in Whippin' Piccadilly!).


Superb live act. They've got a great on-stage chemistry and it was obvious they were enjoying themselves, which came across in their performance. Ben Ottewell's voice is just as good live as on their studio recordings as well.


I only ever had their first two albums and I lost them both some years ago, so it was great to go and see them live and remind myself just how much I like them. I must get hold of those albums again.


Fantastic gig and one of the best I've seen in a long time.



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