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Squad Size and Strength


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With only 3 days to go until the end of the end of the transfer window what do you all think about the size and strength of our squad?


Personally, I feel that a first team squad should consists of 25/26 players, with enough flexibility to cover 3 places for every position (obviously, given our system, this means 2 x CBs and 2 x DMs). And going by that criteria I think we are just about there:


GK: Kelvin, Bart, Forecast


RB: James, Cork, Hatch


LB: Drew, Rudi, Fish Mills


CB: Killer, Perry, Thomas, Cork, Lancashire, Wotton


DM: Spiderman, Gillett, Wotton, Drew, James, Euell


AM: Lallana, DMG, Rudi (+ Spiderman)


RM: White, Thomson, Dyer (+ DMG and BWP)


LM: Holmes, Drew, Rudi (+BWP)


SF: DMG, John, Pekhart


To save you counting them, the above is 26 players plus BWP.


Given the ongoing transfer rumours (Pulis in - DM?; Gasmi in - AM?; and BWP out - Plymouth?) I am pretty happy with what we have. Especially seeing as we also have the likes of Racine, Gobern and Paterson to call upon if absolutely necessary, and with the versatility of players like Thomson (played mostly at CB and CM for the reserves last season) Gillett (has played at RB and LB before) and Spiderman (could probably play just about anywhere except in goal).


In fact the above goes to show that we could easily lose BWP and Euell without any drastic consequences to the outcome of our season.

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Very happy with the squad, get rid of Skacel, euell and bwp, bring in gasmi and maybe another defender on loan and we are looking very good.


I disagree with getting rid of Rudi (apart from the possible financial need). I think, if he stays, he could prove very useful to us over the season at LB, LM and AM.


For example, without him, if Holmes gets injured/suspended we would have to either play Drew at LM and Fish Mills at LB or play a right footed player at left wing. Also, if anything were to happen to Drew our only other option at LB is the virtually untested Fish Mills. Soooo, if Rudi id to go we would definitely need to bring in more cover for LB (and, I suppose, if GAsmi joins he will be the cover for AM and possibly LM).


Also, Rudi had a good first season with us but was screwed over by Burley during the last campaign.

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