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  1. Have a feeling we'll make Burnley look like a top 6 team while allowing them to tear us apart with their relegation contender attack. Unless of course ralph decides salisu was the answer after all and starts him. I wager an unfit salisu would offer more than our current lot.
  2. Well, nothing suggests this window will be different from the previous 4 or 5 windows for us. Atleast ralph isn't bashing his own club about the apparent difficulties of working for penny pinching employers like sean dyche currently is ( bbc), or that would add a very reallistic but devastating layer to current mood of the fans.
  3. forgot vest is out. in that case for the love of god give danso a run out at cb alongside stephens. we could use his speed as they'll probs line up with son, alli, lucas in attack. if he fails to hold his own, then he can go back to augsburg in the summer. if he does well then keep him in for the next few games as we have injuries there and sign him up permanently. could be a make or break game for him.
  4. with rumours of mourinho losing his winning touch doing the rounds on the media, I reckon he'll be desperate to win a trophy this season, so imagine he'll pick his strongest team for this one. which means if we change up the team too much which might destabilise our spine I.e. stephens, jwp, hoj, ings, I doubt we could perform at the levels we had these past few games. I'd go with gunn ramsey stephens vest bertie djenepo jwp hoj redders adams ings tempted to give jwp and redders a rest but jwp is integral to our game and redders seems to have found a rhythm so probs best to keep him on it. vokins might be targeted by alli and son if picked so bertie should play IMO.
  5. I don't think a midfielder is anywhere near top of Ralph's January transfer wishlist. I think he believes jwp, Armstrong, hoj and rom is good enough to beat the drop. well I guess we'll find out soon enough. I think best we could hope for is a backup LB, possibly also a RB IF the greatest RB ever Cedric leaves for real Madrid or Barcelona. That maehle fella looking pretty decent this season as well I see.
  6. Newcastle aren't coming out of their own box unless we score. if we get lucky and grab a scrappy one then we will have space for djenepo And co. to have a field day, as they will be leaving space behind looking for the equaliser.
  7. I too think Allan saint maximin Is a huge threat to us. he's got boufal level dribbling abilities and is also quicker. his end product still questionable tho but he'll more than likely unsettle our poor defence. I'd definitely drop Cedric for this as valery will be fresher and eager to impress. plus he should be an upgrade on Cedric who seems inept at the moment. as others have said I'd be happy with a draw here as Bruce seems to have shored them up and they seem really difficult to beat.
  8. because of the frankly extreme media attention young players in today's football get, some maybe prone to developing an ego, actually thinking they're the next Ronaldo or messi, so start thinking they don't need to train as hard or even harder than others just because they have talent. so I guess those types need this kind of treatment to get them back down to earth. sure you may have talent, but that only gets you so far if you're gonna sit on you're arse. anyone remember Adel Taarabt? he had bags of talent and could've become a superstar had he also had the discipline and hard work others of less talent have. he's now in some obscure club and way past his prime, like 30 something. also others come to mind like ravel Morrison, Ben arfa even balotelli. such a shame to see such rare talent wasted.
  9. ralph shouldn't/won't get the sack this season IMO, but one thing i would absolutely love is if we/the fans had an opportunity to ask ralph to explain 1. why he keeps picking jwp to start despite him contributing next to nothing while on the field actually even making mistakes that put us in difficult situations. 2. why he can't settle on one defence lineup and why he doesn't think danso is good enough to play in the centre despite sanctioning his arrival. 3. why he keeps benching boufal.
  10. i suspect that how it works with transfers is that ralph draws up a list of players he wants in with first choice ones and last resort types for each position. in the case of danso, as we couldn't sell any of the cbs we have, lack of funds meant that we could only loan one so i guess we tried and failed to negotiate a loan deal for any of our top targets so we ended up with danso, who i suppose was way down the list because despite ticking most boxes he still lacks experience and leadership qualities. two things our defence currently needs. if this indeed is how things went down, it doesn't excuse ralph from all the horrendous decisions ralph has made with regards to lineups, subs and overall tactics.
  11. worst case scenario is we do a sunderland and end up in league 1 in two years, gao bolts after selling for a quarter of what he bought us for to the first bidder, and if we are lucky enough, it'll be a guy who cares and knows enough about us and football in general to help us climb back up again in afew years time. trying to be optimistic either way.
  12. unless ralph says he's had enough and quits, we aren't about to sack him. for one thing, we can't afford to pay him off, then pay another to take charge as well. and for another, it wouldn't be the logical thing to do as despite his mind boggling decisions with lineups and subs, he's still the best manager we could hope for in our situation. and plus the players' inadequacy is more to blame for our circumstances than his tactical blunders, so whats more likely to happen is that we persist with ralph, we gather however little points we can until january and HOPEFULLY the board gathers whatever funds they can and give it to him to rectify as many problem positions as he can, namely RB, LB, CM and i don't think we'll sign an 8th cb so i guess we struggle on with the current lot. 40 - 50 mil would be needed, god knows where that kind of dosh will come from.
  13. true that he would be playing a lot with bertrand not featuring much due to injury or suspension or otherwise, but doesn't change the fact that targett was still a slow, and barely adequate deputy to bertie while he was here, not too fussed about him getting sold, much more annoyed we don't have any fullbacks upto the standard required for ralphs "system" or the pl in general.
  14. no mention of who or what our plans are to hire a dof in the echo as they rubbish the preston guy link, which i guess means we have either signed or are completing the signing of another. atleat i hope it does as it would be worrying if he refused us as he isn't willing to sink all the way lower than where he currently is after coming to saints, after assessing our situation.
  15. well out of jwp and armstrong, i'd rather jwp gets benched but we all know that's not happening. so i guess with that, it'll probably be like mccarthy bednarek stephens vest cedric jwp rom hoj redders djenepo ings in a 3-4-2-1, maybe sub one of djenepo or redders or ings in the last half hour or so for a defensive player IF we have a healthy lead, which is dreamland scenario.
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