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  1. Mings said himself in the post match interview that England "lacked intensity " without giving any reason why. Seemed to me the players just couldn't match Scotland's commitment and effort, no excuses for that. Pleased to see Adams receive so many compliments during the game, been great experience for him, just a shame he's not a better finisher. Certainly on the basis of that one game if you offered me the choice between Kane and Adams i know who I would pick.
  2. "Lies and misinformation " Good lad, hurry along before you miss BBC news for your daily dose of propaganda.
  3. Le Tiss did over 100 videos in one day yesterday, not a bad days work really , especially during lockdown last year or so when you can't go out much anyway
  4. JRM

    2021/22 Fixtures

    Let me tell you this, I've been to Goodison Park for Everton away about 20 or so times, whether we're on a good run, poor run, high in the league or in the relegation zone, play well or play badly it doesn't matter, the football Gods conspire to ensure we don't win there. It's one of those things you're going to have to one day accept. Especially if Benitez is soaking up the adulation of the Gladys st end in his first game in charge we'll oblige as comfortable opponents. We've won there twice in last 47 years
  5. JRM

    2021/22 Fixtures

    It's good to be a realist and expect one point from those games, obvious hope for more but you're less likely to be disappointed that way.
  6. JRM

    2021/22 Fixtures

    Have Everton appointed a new manager yet?
  7. JRM

    2021/22 Fixtures

    Yep, we never win at Everton , record at St Mary's at home to Man Utd and West Ham is woeful , definitely bottom 3 after first 5 games
  8. They reckon the bloke who played Jay from inbetweeners made £300k doing those vids
  9. Got a message from him for a mate who was in hospital, was well worth the £30 to put a smile on his face.
  10. JRM

    2021/22 Fixtures

    I've not seen any news or rumours for pre-season fixtures for the first team or B team, anyone heard any? players will be back in training in a couple of weeks.
  11. JRM

    2021/22 Fixtures

    Think you're right, I remember West Ham at home 1988 as well but that's about it in my living memory. I used to love fixture day, plan away trips book up trains, can't say I'm that bothered this year
  12. Completely agree, plus when you see press conferences like today the chances of football being back to normal by August with a proper crowd and away end feels unlikely. Digital tickets with name checks is also putting people off.
  13. JRM

    LD Sports

    It took some of our fans minutes to highlight concerns on this "multi million record breaking sponsorship deal" , deep down the club must have realised this wasn't going to end well. Perhaps Gao told them to sign the contract as he was in on it.
  14. Sounds like Ralph could do with a proper team around him to help add some ideas
  15. Went past the other day to check on Ted (still looking good in the sun) but agree, 20 years on and it's starting to look aged and run down, not sure what the cost would be to renew or repair , most of it is cosmetic but St Mary's could do with some work.
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