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  1. https://www.southwesternrailway.com/other/news-and-media/news/2022/january/new-temporary-timetable-introduced-in-response-to-spread-of-omicron-variant I contacted them after this was announced and was told the 22.35 would be the last train running, worth double checking. They're basically cost cutting hiding behind covid as reason.
  2. Unbelievable numbers really, we extended the Man Utd allocation to the maximum 3100, I didn't think we'd sell that for a 12.30 kick off, double what we usually take to Man City, does everyone want to see Ronaldo before he retires? Looks like Spurs is sold out now (3000) worth noting according to the revised South West Railways timetable last train back is 22.35 from Waterloo to Southampton, no chance of making that if you stay for the final whistle. Absolute nightmare place to get to by car. Top support considering both games live on TV.
  3. Hopefully we give them some more tickets, I think they've left quite a few for segregation but the whole end can get 5500 like we gave to Ipswich
  4. Coventry sold their allocation within 2 hours of being put on sale today, can see a few of them looking to buy in the home end, big day out
  5. Surely Grealish could still get red card for that if any officials saw it? Hopefully Romeu just grinned and said is that all you've got? Didn't know we had a spare changing room.
  6. One of those , kid shouldn't go on the pitch but you can tell some of those stewards are on a power trip and think they're special forces or something, enjoy seeing those stewards get a slap feel sorry for more laid back ones getting drawn into it though
  7. Fair point, hope we thrash them to balance this injustice
  8. Agree, watching last night I thought it was Shane Long playing, perhaps he's his mentor at the training ground
  9. Coventry still to play Stoke and Middlesbrough before us, whereas we get a two week break, no doubt Ralph will still make some changes as he'll have an eye on the Spurs and Man Utd away games coming up that week but should ensure we go with a strong team
  10. I think it's in the rules, we have to match the price for their season ticket holders to match the deal for ours. Saturday 3pm game with these prices will hopefully be a sell out before the match day
  11. Agree , I think he's really improved and gets involved in the game much more now
  12. I fancy that as well, but 2-2 with Ward-Prowse first goal scorer.
  13. He does it all the time, hands out compliments all over the place, remember the whole Redmond episode where he made him sound like one of the best in the world.
  14. It is but surely will be half hearted effort with it stopping a few days later anyway.
  15. JRM

    Other Games 21/22

    I think Burnley are looking doomed, losing Chris Wood and a lot of fixtures to rearrange, Watford will probably sack Ranieri soon , Norwich have definitely given themselves a chance with recent results, we've only won one more game than them this season
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