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  1. The thought of an in form rejuvenated Arsenal side waiting on Saturday the incentive to beat Shrewsbury is not quite the same for our injury ravaged squad. Im still scarred by the Arsenal home FA cup 4th round of 2017. Not the end of the world if we go out to the Shrews to avoid another day like that. Would be nice to just see us score a goal or two, we've only scored one in the last five games, can't be helping the confidence, we'll probably be commended for avoiding close contact goal celebrations.
  2. Gutted for him, looked quality on Saturday and had really come on, hopefully he can recover in time for start of next season.
  3. yes that makes sense. We also might as well take advantage of the 5 subs allowed to be used in the fa cup, can change half the team to reduce the physical impact on some first team players. Good chance for Ralph to try a few options out.
  4. Blimey we're going to really struggle if we're relying on some of those (minus the better ones who are injured Tella, Smallbone) Probably does make sense to give Bertrand some game time if he's suspended in the next league game anyway, plus Forster, Long and one or two others with experience to give the team some balance. Any news from Shrewsbury on how many players could be missing for them?
  5. Exactly, compare cost of our bench to Leicester, not even a contest. I wondered if you'd still headed up the A34 stopping for an ice cream mate, Leicester away routine can't be missed. I thought Big Willy Smallbone was excellent until his injury, seemed to win every challenge and very composed on the ball, shame to see him have to go off, with our luck he'll miss a few games now when we need him. We're not going to get near top 6 with our squad this season where positive tests and knocks are going to leave us short in a period where we're playing 3 games a week for the next month.
  6. Thought we played well considering the players we were missing, target should still be a top half finish, that would be a success for a squad as light as ours. No real threat to bring off the bench. We had several chances first half, finishing not good enough. Will Bertrand be able to serve his suspension on Tuesday?
  7. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to catch it either and am fully on-board with your age group getting extra protection such as food deliveries etc so you don't have to go out of your house. Just good to have a positive slant to reporting of the people who've had it and not really had any issues, which is the massive majority. You don't hear much about them on the news, and it certainly won't kill us all will it. Anyway fingers crossed Ings makes a surprise appearance tonight and we get the three points, give us all a lift in these depressing times.
  8. I'm not sure that's correct? You don't have to prove you no longer have it, the contagious period is over. Hopefully we don't get any more positives in the next round of tests though, squad is struggling as it is. If Ings does feature (along with Alex McCarthy) it provides a refreshing reminder that for most people this illness isn't really anything to fear or worry about whilst we're locked up in our homes full of anxiety watching the news. Being a 8pm kick off I assume the squad isn't travelling until tomorrow.
  9. Not sure how many years you've been watching Saints but I've seen us slip on banana skins plenty of times to expect our reserves to win, plus Shrewbury are top of the league one form table and have had a good rest , fully recharged batteries ready to take us on. The u23 games I've seen we've looked poor more often than not, too many youngsters and we'll lose.
  10. I can't say I've seen anything to make me think he's any more likely to score than Shane Long to be honest, or hold the ball up and give us an out let , hopefully given the chance young Dan will prove me wrong but I don't think he'll worry Premier league defences. These injuries are dragging on a bit aren't they. We haven't missed big Jannik so much in defence but we do miss the goal scoring presence in the box on set pieces. How much have we paid Salisu since his arrival? Strange bit of business even as one for the future. What actually is Redmonds injury? Being described as "long
  11. You can get a monthly pass for BT sport app for £25, works online but also if smart tv, might be worth buying on Saturday to get Leicester away, Shrewsbury home, Arsenal home (league) plus any other cup or league games BT choose in early Feb. If we lose to Shrewsbury I wonder if we'll then play Leeds away 4th round weekend, would make sense.
  12. Also Shrewsbury training ground is closed until the weekend so if they have enough players they'll only have a couple of days training again before playing. Don't understand why FA making it difficult for themselves. Give is a bye and get on scheduling 4th round tv slots.
  13. Looking at the results tonight with Man United and Everton winning i expect comfortable wins for Spurs and Man City tomorrow, the top 6 are starting to pull away a bit and I can see the gap growing for us with the tough run of fixtures we're about to have. Likely we'll be down to 9th in the table by kick off Saturday night, weird in what feels like a successful season but a good reality check.
  14. Does the report break down commercial income? It's one thing to try to blame lack of match day revenue but let's be honest.... We had a fraud shirt sponsor who I doubt ever paid us what they owed. Anyone followed the progress of LD Sports? Replica shirt production/ sales have been a shambles two years in a row. Still at least we're closing the West Quay store to save some pennies. Wages eye watering wastage , at least some of those dud contracts are coming towards the end, need to clear out Lemina, Hoedt rec, let's not forget the greatest financial scandal of all time at SFC
  15. Apparently Shrewsbury don't have an u23 team so wasn't considered an option. FA seem determined to give them a chance to play the tie as they think integrity of the competition damaged if games forfeited. I'm starting to understand why Ralph would agree to these changes. We play strongest XI v Leicester then a changed side midweek covid riddled Shrewsbury. Hopefully enough to get through then we play strongest XI again v Arsenal in 4th round. By the time we play Leeds later in the season could fit in when fixture list isn't as intense as the run of games we're about to go in
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