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  1. I'd say it's too early to call, thought West ham would be in the relegation mix after first couple of games, now they're a euro contender. Just need to put a few results together and league changes quickly. Title odds will be interesting, looks like a two horse race between Everton and Aston Villa as things stand.
  2. Would be quite funny if Mike Ashley offers them money back in the form of a sports direct voucher.
  3. Generally agree but on big key point you miss off. Liverpool and United etc season ticket holders will know virtually all of their games will be shown on standard sky / BT and therefore covered by existing package cost. Last year we were only on 8 times, so for a saints fan to watch as many games live as a Liverpool fan this year we'll be paying a lot more. That doesn't seem right or fair. Only way to remedy that is for sky and BT to ensure all teams are shown the same number of times on standard package selections.
  4. Can you get BT box office if you don't already have a BT sport subscription? Assume the money raised goes into premier league pot rather than distributed to the two clubs playing in the game? Hopefully we can continue our decent away form but realistically 3-1 defeat here, Chelsea have a strong squad now but might have one eye on the champions league game on Tuesday night.
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