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  1. I remember Stephens playing as a holding midfielder for Swindon in the League One play off final (we also had Jordan Turnbull on loan there, playing centre back). Jack's highlight of the game was a Zidane-like pirouette away from twin challenges in the centre circle before driving majestically to the edge of the box and letting fly a dipping, swerving thunderbolt that almost snapped the corner flag. Swindon lost 4-0.
  2. We had to sell him to fund the Che Adams transfer. In retrospect, we could've just played Targett up front instead and he'd probably have scored as many goals.
  3. And yet he's still trying to do it anyway, in spite of knowing his approach is doomed to fail. He's got the tactical depth of a puddle. Any idiot can claim their way would've succeeded if only they had better players and more of them. The trouble with a "philosophy" manager is, where do they go when their plan goes to shit? Once they're rumbled, by the opposition or circumstance, their success or failure depends on how they adapt to evolving challenges. Thus far, Hasenhuttl's response to any deviation from things going precisely to plan has been to do nothing different. How can
  4. What a farce. We presently have ONE fit senior full back and ONE fit senior central midfielder. And we chose to play the season with this bare bones of a squad. Regardless of whether we stay up or not, heads should roll for how mismanaged the club has become. They won't, because we can't afford to sack anyone - which is another miserable reminder of how mismanaged the club has become.
  5. The only interesting part of the article. Who wants to do the work and find out which players are out of contract in the summer? Goalkeeper, Left Back, Utility Full Back, Wide Attacker, Striker (x2?). I'd bet Walcott will be one of those. Weren't we linked to some journeyman Brazilian midfielder a few weeks back who was available on a free? Perhaps there was some truth to that rumour...
  6. He can't head either. Can't fault his efforts, but Championship is his level at best.
  7. Highest paid manager in our history. Heaviest home defeat ever. Heaviest away defeat ever. Longest sequence of defeats ever. One dimensional robotic football-on-rails that falls to pieces catastrophically at the first sign of adversity - while the manager does nothing on the sidelines to adapt to any and all unexpected developments other than look vaguely constipated. The players have been out on their feet since December. And yet the manager won't or can't change his inflexible approach to reflect that. We're still trying to press like madmen. We're still obsessed only with working
  8. Talk about a victim complex: Tella dived and Prowse took the free kick before the whistle. Sucks for us, but the rules were applied properly. Decent first 20 minutes from us, but our lack of quality in the forward positions is painful. We got sloppy after that and Leeds were the more dangerous team overall. The amazing Romeu tackle glosses over how truly inept our defensive set up was from our own bloody free kick. Assume we've run our race now and Leeds will eventually cash in on one of our myriad mistakes. If we get through this match on a fucking ice rink without any injuries
  9. The team just five points behind us - and who beat us with nine men the other day - are in a relegation battle, but we're "safe as houses*?
  10. Bizarre game, really. We've been second best everywhere - Chelsea are quicker, stronger, more aggressive - and have barely completed a pass. And then Minamino, who has been our worst player and lost possession every time the ball came near him, pops up with a beautiful goal from out of nowhere. Suddenly we've got something to cling to. Whether we can is another issue. Not sure what the manager is thinking playing long balls up to a short striker and a winger, but I guess the scoreline so far justifies it. Credit to Djenepo for putting his brittle body on the line for the team. Can't
  11. Is no-one allowed to point out that we're in relegation form, and that it's not ideal? Last 11 games: 1 win, 3 draws, 7 defeats. Goals for: 6. Goals against: 22.
  12. Forster hasn't become better in absentia. He's still incredibly limited and technically flawed. But he has strung together a whole 4 competent games - which at this moment in time is in stark contrast to McCarthy, who has conceded 20 goals from the last 37 shots he's faced. It may make no difference whatsoever to change keepers, but as our current number one has the saves-to-shots ratio you might expect of a wheelie bin, how much can it hurt to try something else?
  13. Go bold - give Nathan Tella a whirl. He's quick and enthusiastic. Has the strength of a kitten and looks like he might get lost running in a straight line, but hey. Not going to make it as a top level winger/forward, so why not try and convert him into something useful? At worst, he'll be terrible - like everyone else. All our options at RB without Walker-Peters are varying shades of shit, and the club should hang its head for allowing the manager to have no back up whatsoever - and not a single promising colt hiding in the ranks of our massively overhyped Academy. It'll obvious
  14. (h) Chelsea (a) Leeds (a) Everton (a) Sheffied United (h) Brighton (h) Burnely (a) WBA (h) Palace (h) Leicester (a) Liverpool (h) Fulham (h) Leeds (a) West Ham Two fixtures not arranged yet. Man City away (no points) and Spurs away (no points). Bolded games are the ones in which I think we've got a decent shot a winning. The Burnely to Palace run comes in a quiet April where we presently only have three fixtures, so plenty of time to rest and prepare between games. That might be our key period. Wouldn't want Fulh
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