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  1. United looking excellent tonight. If they play like this and we play like we did against Wolves we won't get a sniff.
  2. Barely hanging on now. Sloppiness coming back to haunt us.
  3. Think we've been quite dodgy on the ball - a lot of underhit passes and heavy touches. Bednarek set the tone with his ridiculous air shot at the start that almost led to a chance. But we're hanging in there, getting the odd half chance - it's not out of the question that we could get something here. Wolves are always more attacking in the second half, so we'll need to up our game for sure. Maybe Redmond for Djenepo soon. He hasn't got the speed or strength on Semedo today.
  4. Very good players, but they're extremely formulaic and structured in their approach, to the point of being quite negative. Always end games strong, when the manager lets them take the handbrake off. We can get something there, for sure, but they're potentially excellent with the shackles removed.
  5. Georgios Samaras? Scott Sinclair? Gary Hooper? Leigh Griffiths? Celtic have had plenty of goalscorers over the years who were absolute shite. Dembele turned out decent, mind you.
  6. So, after 8 games (even if those with games in hand win theirs), we're ahead of Man United, Arsenal, Man CIty, Everton and Chelsea - and a point behind Liverpool, with a better goal difference. Nice.
  7. It's why I didn't want us to sign him (when there were rumours of him coming in on loan). He's a super talent, but after such a serious injury, it's going to take him the best part of a season to get his game back up to speed. In the games he's played since he returned (post-lockdown at Chelsea and now at Fulham) he's looked way off.
  8. He was injured for 2-3 weeks and only returned to training around Wednesday.
  9. Strange performance. Quite subdued and negative - yet we've made some decent chances. Hope the team are just pacing themselves and they'll be a bit more urgent in the second half. Absolutely not comfortable at 1-0. Adams looks confident and bullish, Walcott has been decent but missed a great opportunity. Djenepo and Stephens down the left has no attacking threat. Some nice touches from Djenepo, but he doesn't want to drive forward. Need the second.
  10. Getting through the midfield too easily. Intensity dropped right off after we scored. Romeu booked already. Not great.
  11. Is he competing in first team training, though? All we've seen are pictures of him standing alone, knocking a ball around casually - not sure there's been any footage of him sprinting and tackling and seemingly taking a full part in sessions.
  12. Now might be a good time for covid to shut down football for two months. So, everyone get out and do your bit. (Obviously don't.)
  13. (None of this will happen) For potential keepers, Dean Henderson must realise he's dropped a bollock by signing a new contract at United. De Gea is set in stone as first choice for the next 4 years. A two-year loan, maybe? Alexander Nubel is another quality young keeper who has miscalculated the decline of a world class first choice goalie by swapping Schalke for Bayern just as Neuer has rediscovered his mojo. Going to be kicking his heels for at least another 3 years. Almost certainly going to be available on loan at the very least. At centre back, Fikayo Tomori continues to be
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