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  1. Doubt it, just succession planning as he gets phased out. Like you say, he's 36 - and becoming increasingly injury prone in the last couple of years. One year on his contract, no chance of it being renewed.
  2. €17.5m (£14.9m) in the end - plus potential €2.5m (£2.1m) in add ons. Officially confirmed by Lyon, who have to publish their transfer numbers by law, apparently. Great deal, that. For Palace, I mean.
  3. Joined because there's no pathway at Chelsea. Tomori and Guehi couldn't get in. Kurt Zouma can't get in. Apparently they're about to sign Kounde to add further starting depth. Absolutely pointless being a youth CB at Chelsea.
  4. Then there's no good answer, because we need a starting keeper, CB, wide attacker/10, and striker. And then squad cover at full back and CM.
  5. Good enough to play in the Premier League? Hard to gauge. I mean, how many of our squad outside the first XI really qualify? In the Derby games I've seen where I've kept an eye out for him, he's been unremarkably decent. I suppose I'd liken him to another young left back - Luke Thomas at Leicester. Came in for them last season when Justin got injured and did a job. Nothing too noteworthy about his performances, but nothing disastrous either. It'd be a punt, I'm sure. But we were prepared to go into last season with Vokins as our back up LB - a lad with about 3 senior appearances under his
  6. Doubt we are, but I'd hope we were monitoring Lee Buchanan (20) at financially troubled Derby. Current England U21 left back, a year left on his contract, and with Celtic and Nottingham Forest sniffing about at around £1.2m. If we can't find that holy grail of an affordable back up full back who can play equally well on both sides, maybe the next best option is to invest in a talented, quite experienced English youngster at left back (with sell on potential if he develops well), in the knowledge that we've at least got some alternative options in the squad to Walker-Peters at RB if needed
  7. But they'll face more competition for Haaland next summer when he has a set release clause of about £75m. This is the summer to make a move for him if you're loaded - when Real Madrid and Barcelona are struggling with their finances and can't compete. I think Chelsea have a shot at Haaland in the coming month or so. Especially if the rumours of Bayern wanting Werner turn out to be true.
  8. Reportedly €16m (£13.7m) plus add ons, for a proven PL player with three years on his contract. That's a great deal. Meanwhile, we can't negotiate a price under £25m for a Championship player with 11 months left on his contract...
  9. Got to find something for Kelvin to do other than drive the banter bus.
  10. Wouldn't know about his attitude, but his few appearances for the first team were marked by his inability (unwillingness?) to run anywhere. Particularly out of possession - he was a real plodder. I think it was at Burnley he started. Their players ran past him time and again as though he was a traffic cone.
  11. 16 goals and 5 assists from the wing last season. Overpaid for him, yes. Carrillo-style insane money spunked up the wall for literally no return? Not even close.
  12. Seems unlikely we enticed the guy who captained Chelsea to the u23s title with the promise of playing more u23 football in a lower division. I'd guess he'll either be part of the first team squad or loaned out to play proper football.
  13. RB/RWB/RM, 18. He's Chelsea's current Academy Player of the Year, and they're desperate for him to stay. But he doesn't believe there's a pathway into the team for him - their pursuit of Hakimi this summer confirmed that. Chelsea's previous Academy Player of the Years: Billy Gilmour, Conor Gallagher, Reece James, Mason Mount, Fikayo Tomori, and Dom Solanke. Their Academy is the best in the country, and their best prospect is available - and probably on the cheap.
  14. Sell. All the ability in the world is pretty useless to us if he obviously doesn't want to be here. We're going to need everyone putting themselves on the line week in week out if we're going to scrape our way to survival again. There's already enough mental weakness in the squad (two 9-0s, the most points dropped from winning positions in the league) without having our number nine going through the motions waiting for his big move.
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