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  1. The guy who can't get in a rubbish Championship side? The guy who is so useless with the ball at his feet he managed to fracture his ankle kicking it? (And has never fully recovered from the injury). That guy? Butland's a write off. Even moreso than Forster.
  2. Rudiger's been a shambles since a long term injury. Tomori would be a better loan. Right sided, pace to burn, would compliment Salisu and a high line perfectly. I think he was name-checked on here at the start of last season as someone the club were looking at (in loan, before Danso happened). He's supposedly available...
  3. Could we really not compete with that? £1.5m to a team that finished 9th in a farmer's league and aren't in European competition. I appreciate Monaco's probably nicer at this time of year than Ocean Village, but still...
  4. Oh dear. Davies is like early era Prowse: neat, slow, feeble sideways passer. And with no set pieces to redeem him. If we're signing him to rotate in here and there to give Prowse a rest, fair enough - he's better than Smallbone, hard as that is to imagine. If we think he's a starter in the 6, we're going down. Has no defensive attributes whatsoever.
  5. Don't think much of Adams' quality, but he does a half decent job for the team in build up and workrate. Has no-one noticed Long's legs are going? Doesn't have the same pace of old and can't sustain haring around the pitch for even an hour anymore. It was a mistake to extend his contract - it'll be declining returns from here on in. And that's from a guy who's previous returns were about four goals a year.
  6. Our entire attack, minus Ings, won't manage 10 between them. Adams is as poor a finisher as Long. It's not bad luck. He's just substandard.
  7. He's as shit a finisher as Shane Long. He's not unlucky at all. Had three sitters today. Hit two straight at the keeper and dithered and took too many touches to sort himself out to mess up the other. He's a lower league player. And probably will be again in a season or so one way or another. If Ings gets injured I'm not sure we'll muster 10 goals between all our attacking players this season.
  8. "Che Adams has been playing well..." He's missed three great chances. Shot straight at the keeper twice; dithered and took too many touches on the third. Works hard, no quality in front of goal. Cost us badly.
  9. Both a bit unlucky to be level, and a bit fortunate (that high line is a disaster waiting to happen, VAR won't keep saving us). Playing miles better than last week. Djenepo's been more lively than Redmond has been in months. Got a problem in CM now both Romeu and Prowse are on bookings. They couldn't foul again and that led to Spurs'equaliser. That and McCarthy being awful. One of them isn't going to last the 90. Good thing we've got no other midfielders in the squad...
  10. Sims was at least a stand out player in the youth teams. As was Hesketh. The fact that they haven't been deemed good enough for this level yet we're promoting the likes of Tella and Smallbone, who only their mothers would have noticed in the u23s, is a troubling development. Only Obafemi, of their group, really caught the eye. And he's not exactly special - I doubt he'll be a PL player long term. Frankly, our youth development has been rotten since Prowse and co came through at once.
  11. Get the same sinking feeling as when, early in Pellegrino's reign of rubbish, we got knocked out of the League cup at home to then-championship Wolves' second XI. This is going to be a rough season.
  12. About right? He played about nine games. Before that he was a journeyman forever loaned out for unimpressive spells at championship clubs. With a year on his contract, he'd have left for sub £2m. His value has wildly inflated on the basis of not much more than a cameo.
  13. RLC is a quality footballer, but he wouldn't suit us at all. He's a stroller out of possession. No great work rate or engine. Allied to a poor fitness record, I just can't see him being a Hasenhuttl player.
  14. How? Absolute horseshit. If this isn't overturned... Total muppet "expert" referee saying it was a good decision, backing up his mate even though he was blatantly wrong. Thanks UEFA - making them look at the monitor has prevented another bout of total incompetence.
  15. Comfortable for Palace. Sitting in because they know we don't have a creative (small)bone in our body, and threatening on the break where their attackers have the legs on our defence. Hasenhuttl must've known that's exactly how Palace would set up, yet we look bereft of ideas so far. Hard to see how we turn this around - Palace will just keep on doing the same.
  16. Two slow centre backs and a number six with the mobility of an asthmatic pensioner is not a combination that lends itself to a high line, you would think. Not a tactical masterclass so far. Palace have seen us coming.
  17. I like Choudhury - he's a raw talent. Reckless at times, but I can see him being the kind of player Hasenhuttl would enjoy: hares around the pitch, physical, neat on the ball. I remember him absolutely dominating our kids back when he was in the u23s. Easily the best player on the pitch. There's something to work with. But I can't imagine Leicester selling him cheap, nor us coughing up the numbers when we could source an overseas player for half the price.
  18. Same as every other match in the fraud of a managerial career he's failed upwards into. Honestly, there's nobody that's ever watched a game of football that didn't know a back five and two holding midfielders would severely hamper any progressive forward play. If he's going to play seven defensive players against Denmark, how are they going to line up against a good side?
  19. He got injured in the second match after the restart. He wasn't really dropped. He was starting until the knock. Romeu came in and did all right so the manager stuck with him.
  20. We will if someone has messed up the work permit application and Salisu can't play for us this season (and beyond). It's worth repeating that the foreign clubs that tried to sign him this summer discounted English teams as potential rivals as they believed he didn't meet the criteria to get a UK work permit. Then, out of the blue, he turns up at Saints. Allegedly. And hasn't been seen since. Maybe it's all above board. Time will tell. Let's hope whoever put together this deal isn't the same guy who signed us up to that sponsorship with the very real and in no way dodgy as fuck LD Sports.
  21. So was John Burridge.
  22. But did with Bertrand, Alderweireld and Ings. Some you win, some you lose.
  23. Ings and Prowse have a chance. A lack of left back options, with Chillwell injured and Danny Rose barely being a footballer anymore, could give Bertrand another nod to make up the numbers.
  24. Is he even in the country? There were reports before we signed Salisu that the foreign clubs also on his trail had discounted England as a potential destination as he wouldn't get a work permit (Ghanaian, uncapped, modest transfer fee). Yet when the transfer to Saints was all set, it was reported that we believed the work permit would be a mere "formality". Perhaps we've misunderstood the qualifying criteria and are in the process of organising an appeal and/or making plans to loan out a player who can't play for us for the foreseeable future.
  25. Looked very slow and unathletic in the few first team minutes he's been given - not qualities Hasenhuttl's tactics tend to indulge. I'd be surprised if he makes the grade here. Shame - he was highly rated once. Nationally. Wasn't he captain of one of the England age groups?
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