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  1. I sometimes wonder why I bother....
  2. Take Ralph’s PPG this season (1.3 based on 8 wins and 6 draws in 23 games) extrapolate over a full 38 game season and it gets you 49 points, which is good enough for 12th in the 2018-19 PL table.
  3. Poch is probably just trying to exert some leverage on Levy to spend some money on transfers in the summer transfer window.
  4. Klopp and Liverpool are far too heroic to tap players up. Everyone knows that.
  5. ...and Klopp having an enthusiastic conversation with Mané on the pitch after the final whistle, before Mané joined the scousers a few months later.
  6. Saint Albert


    Yes really. You’re principally describing the money wasted by the club when its transfer budget was bloated with the VVD sale proceeds, not with any money invested by Gao to bring the club to the next level. If the club is competently run, player salaries are reasonable once we get rid of overpaid hard-to-move assets like Hoedt, Carrillo and Moi, and we still have an excellent first team coach like Hasenhüttl, it should hopefully be OK but Gao will not be a good man in a storm, and he could potentially create a storm or two himself if he decides to use the club’s revenue to repay the debt he incurred in acquiring it.
  7. Saint Albert


    For me it’s not a matter of hate but more a concern that the new owner’s blown his wad buying the club and is now skint.
  8. He headed it in off Lascelles. Might be an OG.
  9. I want Liverpool to win this game. The thought of them getting 97 points and still ending up as runners up is priceless.
  10. Hoedt not even on the bench again for Celta Vigo’s game against Barcelona.
  11. FT Cardiff 2-3 Palace. Cardiff are relegated.
  12. Good goal by Cardiff. They’re still going though.
  13. I think that Wan Bissako might actually be worthy of the hype that he’s been getting.
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