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  1. True though. You are gullible. They sell you anything they want and you eat it all up like a good little sheep.
  2. Only from the standpoint of proving how easily the MSM manages to fool you gullible types.
  3. How many of you realised that Obama was gay and that Michelle is in fact Michael?
  4. LOL. Utterly braindead. Keep sucking up that MSM orders broadcast system. Do as your told like a good little sheep.
  5. I did not duck the issue, you and he are as my comment about being called thick was ignored. Classic idiotic argumentative twots who mouth off and then buckle when shown to be wrong and duck it.
  6. So, when I say thick you jump on it, but when I was called thick first, that is OK? You guys crack me up. Never have I seen so many braindead brainwashed zombies (to be) in one place.
  7. Dear me, another one with zero reading skills. Where did I accept it was a real virus? Stick to the quesion. If such a deadly virus, why are we playing football? LOL. You brainwashed masses just will not see it will ya. Never mind, enjoy your poison vaccine nd digital tracking passport implant and retraction of most civil freedoms etc. No whining when you lose all your freedoms etc., you accepted it by your aquiescence.
  8. The thick one here is so clearly you. You just cannot (more likely will not as it scares you) see the truth. If the virus is as bad as they say, why would they allow hundreds of footballers to play football multiple times per week, while for everyone else, congregating in groups of more than 6 is deadly? Can you not work this out for yourself? Either it is not that deadly, hence they allow football to be played, or it is that deadly and they are taking an unecessary risk. Which one is it?
  9. Doh. You have missed the point. It is not spreading because it does not exist. If it did, do you think they would take the chance. Bloody hell and you call me thick LOL.
  10. Dear me. The lights are on but no one is home. OK, let me spell it out to you (not that it will make any difference, you will simply never see this scam for what it is as you are system MSM dependant througha nd through). People can be carriers and spreaders, while still testing negative. This is what we were told by your mates at MSM GHQ. In which case, anyone of those many hundreds of footballers could be spreading the virus. Would you not say that was an unecessary risk? o, now ask yourself why they are still playing the games?
  11. Does the word A-symptomatic mean anything you thicko.
  12. So, we need masks. Yet foorballer can run around sptting, sweating and clashing with each other and be OK? I did laugh the other day when the trainer ran on to attend to someone with his mask on. Anyway, I await to be told yet again I am a tin foil hat freak, while getting no answers as to how footballer stay so clear of the virus without masks, while spitting, sweating and clashing etc. If you cannot see through this stuff, I fear for you and the future.
  13. You are right, it happened to a white guy a year before, but went unotied. Bottom line, you like so many others are a massive hypocrite and are happy when your loony left go rampaging, but not when others do it. Thanks for admitting it so openly.
  14. So, my qustions still stands. Was the BLM far riot crap talked about and condemned or just far right stuff as ever?
  15. Were they both asked if they would tell the far left rioters who are blocking many roads all over the US in the name of BLM, to stand down also? You know the ones; the nes attacking elderly and ladies for wanting to drive down a road. Any mention of that at all? Are they going to be allowed to continue?
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