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  1. True though. You are gullible. They sell you anything they want and you eat it all up like a good little sheep.
  2. Only from the standpoint of proving how easily the MSM manages to fool you gullible types.
  3. How many of you realised that Obama was gay and that Michelle is in fact Michael?
  4. You are right, it happened to a white guy a year before, but went unotied. Bottom line, you like so many others are a massive hypocrite and are happy when your loony left go rampaging, but not when others do it. Thanks for admitting it so openly.
  5. So, my qustions still stands. Was the BLM far riot crap talked about and condemned or just far right stuff as ever?
  6. Were they both asked if they would tell the far left rioters who are blocking many roads all over the US in the name of BLM, to stand down also? You know the ones; the nes attacking elderly and ladies for wanting to drive down a road. Any mention of that at all? Are they going to be allowed to continue?
  7. I am amazed this virus is so clever though. I mean, it can get you in a group of 7 but not a group of 6. It can get you on a plane, butnot when you take your mask off to eat. Just amazing. Do you people really believe this guff. Lol.
  8. Better still, just keep wearing that mask that you believe saves you.
  9. It's all part of the plan. Give the electorate no decent choice, so we end up with a worldwide bunch of useless leaders. Then the new workld order will have the excuse to impose martial law, curfews and other totalitarian rules, because we will beg them too, what with all the riots etc. Problem - Reaction - Solution. They want a totaliarian state, worldwide. They create the riots and the problems, knowing we will beg them to keep us safe and give us a solution.
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