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  1. Sometimes I hate Saints. Sometimes I love Saints. Today is a day I love Saints. Get in, ****ing excellent, well-deserved. Job done, get in.
  2. Get in you beautiful ****ing ****er.
  3. That is an excellent point. Federer should be allowed to go through to the final because he was better than Murray three years ago. When we lose to Man Utd on Wednesday, we should be allowed to have the three points because in a few years time our team will be a lot better. Saying that, United were better when they had Schmeichel and Cantona so maybe they should just be awarded the points because their team were a lot better than ours fifteen years ago and we don't need to bother playing the game at all. As for the Euro referendum, it's a load of horse-****, isn't it? At the end of the day, we were better than Germany over two legs seventy years and more ago, so basically we should get to decide what happens.
  4. Robsk II


    See, Turkish? Though I'm not around a lot (I know you miss me), we were once seen as natural enemies. Secretly, though, I have nothing but respect for you. A fine adversary. In fact, a fine figure of a man. Overall, I think you're the best guy I've ever not met. **** it, I love you Turkish. There. I said it.
  5. Robsk II


    Is Mrs Turkish blind or stupid? Oh, silly me. Of course she has to be both! I expect all your mates are meathead idiots who treated their wives badly, were insensitive, inattentive meatheads, that sort of thing. Grown men who never stopped believing they were the hardest men in the world, or 'lads'. You know the sort. Nah, I'm only kidding. But seriously, Turks, my old cockeroo - I expect they all left their husbands because, having met you, they realised they could never be happy. you showed the others up to be what they were not in comparison to you: An erudite, intellectually gifted Adonis of a man.
  6. What the hell is this thread getting clogged with all the infighting rubbish, you bunch of prissy ****s? just ****ing discuss the game. Which was the best I've seen us for some time. Looked far more dynamic and dangerous, less predictable, more options, movement, quality.. Really made up.
  7. Robsk II


    What happened to that Loon? Someone mentioned a crazy spaniard supporting Pompey today. I figured it could be him. Crazy freak.
  8. **** off united you ****ing ****s get in!
  9. I knew this was a load of **** when I saw the words 'Star' and 'Story' together. Surely no-one reads this joke of a rag and takes it seriously?
  10. Chicken George, Francis Benali and Ali Dia.
  11. I'll second all of what NS and Lazlo said, having been through all this in the last year.
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