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  1. why wouldn't the club use the money to pay off the ridiculous covid debt? We would see half of any fee being used to sign players.
  2. Assuming we sell Ings & Vestergaard only players I would welcome back next season are: Forster, Bednarek, JWP, Armstrong & Adams. The others are too weak both physically and mentally.
  3. Will Saints get runners up medals for today’s loss?
  4. These ESL clubs will be so wealthy they could buy a top flight league each and use it as their academy
  5. Rubbish ugly crab football. Any focker caught playing crab football after today should get pelted with fresh turds from Southampton sewers
  6. We have a chance to avenge at least one of the 9 nils
  7. The club has mortgaged the stadium, training facilities and other land holdings, we have to sell WANTED players just to make the vig. The club is in financial trouble, we have got Championship/L1 level playing staff, Ralf's gig is to get them to performing at a premiership level long enough to fool someone into buying them. We'll not be paying off managerial contracts, thats for sure. Ralf will be here for some time yet, partly as nobody will want the job.
  8. Exactly this. They need the mental strength to acknowledge before each match that they are playing against the opposition and the PGMOL. That the ref will give the opposition a goal and one of theirs will be chalked off. If they can acknowledge this prior to a match and still have the mentality to fight for a result, we might get somewhere.
  9. Ralph isn't that bad, his points per game is up there with, Claude Puel and Ralph might also get an FA Cup appearance, just like Claude.
  10. exactly my feeling, but still something to watch on replay for the next 45 years
  11. Would like to see Jankewitz involved in this match. Build his confidence.
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