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  1. I think everyone needs to.read that thread. Brilliant share thank you Lighthouse. They absolutely despise Bertrand and Vestergaard. Brings me some confidence in our decision making.
  2. Dirty Leeds. That is all. Have we been taken over yet ?
  3. So so poor from Mccarthy.. 1st the cross .. 2nd the save. Basic goal keeping and its happening too often. It will erode the confidence of the team despite a great effort regardless. Now the impetuous is with Leicester
  4. If the radio is anything to go by this is as bad in performance as the two 9-0 .. the one thing I dont understand is why we don't reshape, change the formation, its clearly not working. Is Ralph so obstinate or so unskilled ?
  5. ...because they don't have a net spend, they have a net income, surprisingly.
  6. Morning, first trip to St Mary's since pre covid. Travelling down from Yorkshire can anyone recommend any over night parking. Staying at the Premier Inn near the ground which doesn't have on site parking. Is the Asda carpark the best bet ?
  7. Fair enough, maybe its the first game she has been too in a while....
  8. Can anyone shine any light on image 46 on the official site ? Seems a rather random picture of a lot of bored faces in presumably an executive area.
  9. I would guess Ralph will go with: Mccarthy Tino KWP (Although would prefer the new LB) Bednarak Salisu Diallo Romeu Walcott Armstrong Armstrong Broja Would be interested in what the onlooking Eddie Howe would do differently and expect to get better results ..
  10. Another legendry and insightful thread. Goodluck JWP and enjoy
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