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  1. Vman.. what was that all about 🀣 Lallanas bum chum
  2. Ham and pea soup .. mince pies and cream. 2-1 Saints
  3. Feels like one of those signings as a make weight because he is best mates with our real target...
  4. Agreed, even post match he had a look of guilt .. I saw a man with aspirations of going back knowing it was already in motion.
  5. ...well I did say 1-0 🀣 ....
  6. Forster in goal 😳 give Liverpool the 3 points and a 1 nil, send everyone home, keep everyone safe and move on. 🀒πŸ₯ΆπŸ˜Ž
  7. These are games we would have lost 1-0 in recent years. Take the positive and move on ..
  8. Janik making VVD look like a poor man's Jack Stephens. What a turn around.
  9. Hearing the fans is really quite something.. i did not expect that wave of emotion. Fair play to those in the ground.
  10. Hearing OWTS again brings a tear to my eye.
  11. Boom. Undeserved but let's hope we build from that in the second half. Our front line is non existent...
  12. Who the hell is this ref ? Chris Hughton ? ... Djnepo is a walking Red card with this idiot in charge of the whistle
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