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  1. Bit casual at times today and Armstrong looks tired ....
  2. ...if he is going to wear stupid ski gloves like that, he had better score the winner....
  3. Ha ! Thanks !! Look at some of the names .. Shearer, Ray Ransom ...
  4. One of my, if not my number one, favourite moment on the Milton. It ended 18 games I think with out a win and nailed on relegation if we didn't win. Mike Hooper was the keeper iirc ... 89th minute ruddock steps up and smashes home then stands on the boards. I have tried so often to find footage of this ... my friends and I went from the back of the Milton to the front on a wave (crush) of celebration with out are feet touching the floor. We were about 16 and one of my mates still swears that I saved his life as he was wrapped around a bar. (Left side for the record) Great moment
  5. Correct decision and good call by Ralph. Shows strong leadership..lets hope that Redmond (and Obafemi) respond as they should.
  6. Mitre Delta every day of the week .. "Av it"
  7. 🙈 😅 ... now there are 3 posts used up in a day good for nothing. Here is hoping for 3 points tomorrow seeing as I wont be able to say anything about the game. 3-1 Saints Ings Hatrick
  8. I just meant that your comment tempts fate. 🙏
  9. There is a red card nailed on for Romeu... take some responsibility man 👨 🤫 😅
  10. Theo looks top quality .. think he will really add something aka ings when he is fully up to speed...
  11. That spin from Havertz .. The centre backs were 25 yards away as the ball came through.. awful
  12. Really need to tighten up otherwise this is another spanking with the 2 centre back doing there very best impressions of turning and moving at the speed and agility of the titanic....
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