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  1. How many passes was that goal ? Hojbjerg looks lost
  2. ...same again there with Son. We are sitting ducks to concede goals with this tactic and the lack of pace + awareness of Stephens and Bednerak. I can understand it with more experience or pace or a DCM with more mobility than Romeu but until we have those players then it appears suicidal
  3. Hopefully lesson learnt with that offside goal. High line does not work .... seriously Ralph
  4. ...at least we know Tella is not ready yet now.
  5. We look dreadful .. all over the place.
  6. Nick75Sfc

    Site issues

    Really struggling now to get in once a day. More concerning appears to be a lack of an update but working in software development I get the difficulties and frustrations. I also would be happy to contribute my own skills and contacts to yield a solution as keen to 1. Keep this forum afloat 2. Help it grow.
  7. Steve Wood is harsh.. And you have to include Paul Moodie, Lee Sinnott, David Speedie, Kerry Dixon
  8. First: Wet Spam away Last: Chelsea Home
  9. Virgil Van Dijk to Barcelona anyone... now that would be good
  10. Leeds away first game. Heard it here first...
  11. I played at the Dell after Saints v West Ham about 1989 and before the game we were sent to get changed but were shown to the wrong room above the old club shop in the car park it must have been the managers office or something and I was eagerly first up the stairs and as I burst through the door I collided with John Burridge coming out who gave me a cuff around the head and told us all to bugger off. We went to the right room which was in the corner or the stadium right next to the entrance tunnel ... i think st John's used to use it .... anyway I had to play in front of the West Ham fans who had been locked in the archers after the saints game and had a shocker in front of what must have been 2000 hammers... they cheered my every save and booed every miss. I was substituted at half time for Salisbury and South wilts but my first ever response to a tweet from a pro person was when I shared this on twitter and he gave a laughing face to it. Top man. Met quite a few Saints players and Letissier has been a gem on many occasions.
  12. That has got to hurt the 🍒.. and can not say i am not pleased. Just a shame those idiots from Elland Road will replace them. Ramsdale almost looks in tears in his interview.
  13. https://www.skysports.com/southampton
  14. 🙏 yes please .. always liked Bournemouth until recent years. Then they just got on my tits. Like an annoying little sister ..
  15. I wrote this question when the cherries were 1-0 down to Leicester ha ha...
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