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  1. Agreed,but I'd say the the truth is somewhere in between. It would be nice to see him take his man on when pushed out wide aka the way Danny Wallace or Jonno quick would.
  2. Is it daft to consider this the other way around? If it it played in the UK I would imagine many 100's of people involved in the media will come to the UK from around the globe which is potentially a greater risk than the two clubs going to Istanbul securely.
  3. 32nd by all accounts. https://fanengagement.net/fan-engagement-index/ Skates are 9th but presume they are more desperate to slog a dead horse. Can't say I have felt particularly engaged for a few years now unfortunately but that can be said for the product that is premier league and the recent debacle that is VAR, the super league etc rather than Southampton specifically.
  4. Sad news. Remember him at Swindon he was scoring goals for fun. We signed him for a million to go along side Barry Horne IIRC and he was, not the best, shall we say. I can remember being excited as our first million pound man and could not pronounce his name in the playground
  5. But he got to the ball... fucking pathetic
  6. Can someone please explain to me why if we are going to have this bullshit VAR then why on earth has that not been looked at...
  7. Football is finished .. Had enough of this bullshit. He has won the ball. VAR not even used
  8. Diallo found seriously lacking once again ...
  9. Which makes not starting Walcott Sunday even more baffling
  10. Even if we lose this game you have to question why the change in attitude. The body language and effort are vastly improved. Just why ?
  11. Id consider the thinking is similar for McAdams and Theo with extra time a possibility
  12. Same as the Burnley game teams will see how weak our CM is. Diallo looks out of his depth once again unfortunately. I'd give Jankowitz a start and see if he is any stronger.. his physique would suggest so. First time I can really see Bednarek confidence is lacking ... Let's hope that the semi is behind another poor performance 🎭
  13. Vialli ? That's a new one
  14. 0898 12 11 78 The trouble I got in with my dad for running up the phone bill on this number. Especially the summer Tony Cascarino turned us down for Celtic. Anyone got any stories or memories from its time. Kind of sits along side page 302 on ceefax and 140 on teletext watching the scores.
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