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  1. Surprised by this as recieved mine with Villa at home tickets a week ago
  2. ...dont Park in the NCP by the University .. very very pricy
  3. In 1990 (ish) i had trials for Swindon. They put me in a goal and Mickey Hazard popped shots at me from 20 something yards .. he had a wicked shot and 10/10 went in. Despite meeting Osvalso Ardiles and Fraser Digby when I asked why I didn't succeed in the trial they said a goalkeeper should never ever try and second guess where the ball is going to go which in affect is all I could do via hazard as I had little hope. Perhaps someone could let Mccarthy know this ...
  4. We can't even get our fans in the ground for the first game of the season... what hope signing a Premier league quality goal keeper.
  5. Disgraceful from Mccarthy.. started to come which the defence reacted too aka Everton first goal and then he just stopped.
  6. If his twitter account is anything to go by here comes Osvaldo mk2 ...
  7. Yes. My dad grounded me when he found me sending cash in the post. I still have all the match reports somewhere...
  8. I was reading on a separate thread Ings being quoted as saying Ralph training was mostly shit. Does anyone know where this came from and what was really said ?
  9. Thats before Shearer started coming through shortly afterwards as well. AKA 4-1 v Liverpool
  10. Sorforth at 14m sounds close to a done deal on twitter...
  11. Didn't he become a skate as well.....Rideout kinda took his place but we missed out on Gordon Cowans
  12. Tickets booked today so why not... Allocation of 1800 seems tight but we have plenty available... 3-1 Saints Tella Theo and Adams to score. (Knowing damn well we never get anything from Goodison park)
  13. Just arrived, with sponsor... Happy days !!
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