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  1. To right mate, there are so many pointless sniping and back stabbings that take place in here its a nightmare in certain topics. Its a fans forum for opinions.
  2. Why is there anything different in what position they play if they have or had more potential than Ings.Remember a lot on here didn't want the injury crocked player to start with (me for one),and hes done well but there are better players as some that have already been mentioned. If you cant see that some were exceptional players then quite frankly your blinkered to your own views. Mick Channon? one of my all time favs,was gutted when he left didnt he used to be on the banner for this forum? alongside Keegan?.This site is for fans opinion yes? or just for trying to score points off of each ot
  3. It was a long drive back to Basingstoke in those days aswell............... i couldnt get my head round it.....engelbert humperdink on radio on way back last waltz.......priceless nearly 7 yrs old ..............now 60.
  4. Who would be on your list then?...................Alan Shearer, Kevin Keegan, Wayne Bridge, Tim Flowers,.... there are more who would you say?
  5. Hey Arsenal are a very much improved side of late,keeping faith in their youth system and blooding some very gifted and hungry wanna be first teamers. Both encounters are going to be a big test of how far we have progressed ,and if we can recapture our good early season form allowing injuries to heal and get the regular first team players back. But id settle for 2 scrappy 1-0 wins.
  6. Just think all of us including myself didn't want the club to go on and spend £20million on a crocked injury prone player when we had to. Now all of a sudden hes the best thing since sliced bread. Sure hes a good finisher but im of the opinion of the above poster that we hope that RH has targeted another replacement should this situation arise. Hope he stays but not to get injured again like he has done this season already thus sparking panic from within WHOS GOING TO SCORE FOR US?. From the bench/squad there dosent seem to be any clear and obvious candidates to immediately fill us w
  7. Well its not the first team and that's taken, and dose taking the captains armband really mean a nailed on place in the squad of the B team?.....it seems the lad hasn't progressed enough and this might be a kick start of what he may miss in the future,a very well paid job.
  8. Because we can express an opinion harshly or not, dosent make us more or less passionate about what we write or in the manner of the words we display dose it?
  9. Well if Redmond put in a cross or two at the right moment then he wouldnt need to slam on the breaks twist and turn thus jarring his hips, and then maybe we have a player capable of providing more assists?
  10. Tin at time friend. These on here take no prisoners cause they are always right . You may have an opinion but be prepared to be shot down.
  11. Or the asking price has shot up.
  12. Schalke 04 wont buy him.......they are broke and even asked season ticket holders to try and not as for a refund on games they have missed.Also they now have the worst record in the Bundesliga.
  13. Roo1976

    Site issues

    same couldnt get on at all after last nights game until very recently and even now its slow ,shame hope its just a glitch.
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