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  1. Roo1976


    Go on you know you really want to ................do it.
  2. If that's how the table finished for the coming season it would be interesting.......... minus Bournemouth obviously.
  3. Liverpool usually do.........!!
  4. Then the bloody chairman would have to stump up some investment , after all its owned by him ,and lets face it he should look after his clubs priority and remain afloat in the premier league right?
  5. So lets just say, we've been very much linked to Armstrong for quite sometime now it seems, how many of us would now feel gutted if he dosent make our team and tuns up elsewhere? Why cant we just sign him be done with it and move on ..............simple enough surely . Non of the strikers have to move on say ,apart from Long .
  6. They shouldn't have needed to learn lessons, these are well paid professionals in charge of millions of pounds business.
  7. Well don't an awfully lot usually do when peoples opinions differ.
  8. Why would Ings go to Spuds...? more money?, didnt even make European football for the new season.
  9. He was a great player for us and condolences to his family and friends. One of my favs, hard man.
  10. Brilliant observation all fluster and no end product,well sadly last night anyhow. Reece James would have been better than Trippier in the 2nd half..
  11. Fucking spot on..............world cup everything feel into place,favoured teams being knocked out before we had a chance to meet them,and in this tournament , we had arguably the better half of the draw again ,with better teams playing each other. So for 2 games in a row now Southgate has subbed the sub. Why not trust Bellingham to play instead of Donkey Henderson who was absolutely awful, and give the lad confidence(not that he needs it) to know hes there because of the ability on his shoulders ,thats why hes been picked.Sancho brilliant season by all accounts should have play
  12. Ron im 60 bless ya....................feel your pain.
  13. Roo1976


    Big SamAndrea Belotti
  14. Roo1976


    Right i don't know how to get images onto the forums,but has anyone noticed the lookalike of one of Italy's coaches to that of the one of the caretaker in Please Sir old i know but very close found out how to put pictures on.
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