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  1. So youve trawled all the way back nearly 8 years ago to pick up on this point?..........no wonder the forum is slow at loading these days at time.
  2. Yeah right........we as fans pay out enough to watch these millionaire football clubs to provide entertainment for our viewing, its unfortunate that a global pandemic has caused the clubs and the broadcasters to think enough free or so called free to air games are at an end. Why dont we exploit the fans some more and see where we go. Newcastle did brilliantly in saying enough is enough. Im sure Mr.Rashford would have had an inner smile to himself given the campaign hes championing.
  3. Wow you two just bicker and nit pick each others posts on nearly everything that either of you have to comment on...........
  4. Experience, i was one of those that thought really 30 something is that what were about now, i know its early days, but hes a Saints boy at heart really isnt he?.......
  5. I think Chelsea's deffence might be worse than ours.........! didn't see that result coming after being 2 down after 30 minutes. Glad to know we pulled one outta the bag again . Adams should have had at least 2 possibly 3, it was thoroughly entertaining and we didnt loose.
  6. Not as much when McCarthy has it seems to have no sense of danger around himself and the bigger picture.
  7. Nothing .Grealish should be above both those players and still ..............Southgates too fucking soft ,yet again all this squads talent and for what? Club .......or ...Country? which do you prefer?.
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