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  1. Here's an article about two guys from a football team who went on a George Floyd march, weirdly no mention of Marxism, defunding the plod or ending capitalism: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/stories-53208273
  2. Wow, you really think that everyone marching in the George Floyd protests were Marxists who want to abolish the police and end capitalism! This is the sort of idea every single racist up and down the country would love us to believe - well done keep it up, Nigel would be proud.
  3. Or because they think speaking out about racism is the right thing to do, and think the fact that a few people from some organisations within BLM have odd political views is pretty irrelevant.
  4. Yeah, damaged so badly England Cricket and Formula 1 want a piece of the action as well.
  5. Their statement from the start was crystal clear what their gestures stood for - it's only because the gutter press trying to make it it means something it's not that they are clarifying it. Of course they want to distance them selves from any marxist idiots or crackpot ideas like defunding the plod.
  6. Or maybe they understand that it's a good cause not some stealth marxist plot, but need to spell it out for the simpletons among us?
  7. I see the England cricket team and Formula 1 are also going to be backing the evil Marxist plot.
  8. Wasn't border checks between different parts of the UK project fear? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53018020
  9. Think it was designed by Troy Deeney and his Mrs.
  10. They are making the distinction because the gutter press like The Mail are picking up on the political beliefs of some of the people involved and making out the whole movement is some sort of stealth Marxist plot which is bollocks.
  11. I don't think there is much division at all, from what I can see the vast majority of people see the gestures for what they are and are generally supportive, it was crystal clear to me why they made the gestures they did and what it meant. The idea that the PL would endorse crackpot ideas like defunding the police is laughable. The phrase "Black Lives Matter" can refer to a Twitter hashtag, a slogan, a social movement, or a loose confederation of groups advocating for racial justice. That confederation of groups contains some people with fucked up ideas of how to achieve equality, but the aim is the same and there will be many different political views within the movement. As one of their activists says: "BLM encompasses all who publicly declare that black lives matter and devote their time and energy accordingly." I fail to see how many can be against it now they have explained clearly that are not endorsing anything political. We should be applauding the players for trying to do some good for a change instead of drink driving and shagging prostitues.
  12. It's good to see that the PL have clarified their Black Lives Matter slogan is not endorsing any particular group or anything political, Think most reasonably intelligent people knew this already though. Hopefully now the bed-wetters worried about the police being defunded etc can now stop picking holes in what is obviously a movement for good.
  13. What are you on about? The players decided to show their support of a cause by making a gesture. They have explained in black and white what that gesture stands for (a generic statement about equality). It’s nothing political, it is basically just saying racism is bad.
  14. Bit unless you are racist there is nothing to really disagree with in that statement.
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