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  1. Not sure why you expect improvement when we are investing so little compared to others. I don’t think our squad is any better than our league position to be honest, we have some decent players but also a fair amount of shite we can’t get rid of because we can’t afford to.
  2. Without new owners it’s just a matter of time anyway. The second half collapses are infuriating but getting rid of Ralph could very well mean we end up with another Pelligrino. For a skint club like ours being 6 points above the relegation zone is not a reason to roll the dice IMO.
  3. Would be great if we can get an emergency signing, might be a turning point of the season if we actually have a decent keeper.
  4. “Around 120 colleagues, all vaccinated against Corona, meet for a Christmas party.”
  5. Decent point, still seem to go to pieces in the second half again tho which is a worry.
  6. Where have they said that they want to stop people shouting at the ref or making a noise? I must have missed that bit, do you have a link?
  7. Think you missed the sarcasm.
  8. This. If initiatives like this make even a few people feel more welcome/comfortable/safe then it is only a positive thing.
  9. Not looking forward to tonight at all - think I'm still mentally scarred from that game.
  10. The chance of dying from Covid being used as a message to get a Covid vaccination, what a crazy idea.
  11. How is setting up a business going to stop you getting killed?
  12. 15th is about par for our squad IMO, beat Leicester and we will be a point behind Man Utd - now that’s an example of a team underperforming.
  13. If we sack our manager for finishing below 13th we’re going to have a very high turnover.
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