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  1. Think it will effect the better countries even more TBH.
  2. Would never happen but if it did it would be a much more exciting competition that the current PL.
  3. We’re Southampton, we’ve always been shit apart from a few seasons out of the last 136 years.
  4. Fair play to the Germans and French for telling them to fuck off.
  5. Our squad is just shite, don’t think changing the manager will make much difference.
  6. See how we finish the season, at the moment we are 10 points clear of the bottom three in lower mid table which is probably about right for the squad we have.
  7. Try reading the thread, the 30-70% was a figure Turkish came up with.
  8. I know it's difficult for you to understand but if it is 30-70% more contagious it doesn't have to make illness any more serious to kill more people.
  9. I think Ings plays better with Che up front so I would drop Redmond, other than that I think the lack of decent options means the shower that played last night keep their places.
  10. Cheers, just booked mine for Friday as well.
  11. Bring Jankewitz on now and he might beat his minutes record.
  12. Yeah he’s obviously brilliant, that’s why he can’t get on the pitch ahead of this pile of shite.
  13. Yeah, he really impressed last time.
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