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  1. The fact that they went through a similar thing with Sars probably means they know what they are doing with regards to face masks don’t you think? if fiddling with face masks cases it to spread how come their cases are so low?
  2. The don’t touch your face advice is so you don’t get the virus in your nose, mouth or eyes, touching the skin on your face would not be a problem. You could fiddle with your mask all day long and not touch your mouth, nose or eyes. When you wear a face mask (even a poorly fitted shit one) you can’t bite your nails, pick your nose or touch your lips. The fact that Korea and Japan, where mask wearing is the norm, have faired so well makes it the obvious thing to do.
  3. That’s a hell of a gamble, I assumed Tindall would go with Howe where ever he goes next. Smacks of a caretaker type appointment, sort of makes sense as time is so tight in between seasons.
  4. I think for many of them it’s a language thing, English tends to be a more common second language than French so they probably feel safer and more optimistic about starting a new life where they can communicate. We obviously need to stop people trying to cross the channel in rubber dinghies but I don’t have a big issue with these guys being here. Asylum seekers or economic migrants, whatever you want to call them they have to be pretty desperate to risk their lives crossing in one of those things. If they have managed to get here from Iraq they are showing more get up and go than the average waster in the UK, good luck to them.
  5. Do you actually know anyone who makes medical decisions based on what ex pro footballers say or are you just making it up?
  6. I dunno, they would be in a much better position if they didn’t have 8 players out of contract. They are going to have to sign 8 new players on contracts under the new rules.
  7. Ask Farage - his poster had the big queue of asian/middle eastern looking asylum seekers on it.
  8. I just thought it was ironic considering the all the hype over illegal immigration from the Brexit lot prior to the vote. It would be interesting to see the reasons why it has gone up so much since we have left. Obviously might be nothing to do with wether we are in the EU or not but maybe it's now more in the interests of France to have them come over so they are no longer an EU problem?
  9. Does being in or out of the EU effect how many boats we can stop crossing the channel?
  10. Who gies a sh!t about his opinion on vaccines? He's a legend because of how well he kicked a football around a pitch, he's no less of a legend because he has different opinion to me about vaccines.
  11. So after leaving the EU migrants coming over from France in boats has massively increased. Taking back control.
  12. Not really, I had no idea what it was about. Twitter is different, you actually have to follow people to read their tweets. If you don't like what people say, don't follow them is my advice.
  13. I don’t get the issue. If you don’t like what people say on Twitter, don’t follow them on Twitter. Following someone, then moaning about them is just fucking retarded.
  14. aintforever

    20/21 Kit

    Defying the odds since 1885 - seriously? Who thinks up this sh!te!
  15. What's that got to do with racism? Muslims can be any any colour.
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