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  1. aintforever


    The point of an early lockdown is that you reduce the spread when it is spreading exponentially, the curve doesn't get as high meaning you can come out of lockdown earlier - less deaths and less damage to the economy. It's the exponential factor that is vital, infections shoot up quickly, getting them down takes longer and is expensive. Not sure what your point about Melbourne is - we will have spikes after lockdown just like them, having more deaths at the start won't stop that. Talking about herd immunity at the stage they did was clearly wrong, that's why they shut up about it pretty quick. In the long term it will probably happen but having it as a policy at that stage of a pandemic was nuts, our health system couldn't cope with just letting it spread without checks before we even have a treatment.
  2. aintforever


    I think if we had locked down earlier and harder many lives could have been saved. If you look at the effect lockdown had on the curve, move that point forward a couple of weeks and the total deaths would be much less. If you remember at the start much of Europe thought we were mad for not locking down sooner, the PM quoted behavioural science as a reason for not locking down (or doing it at the right time, saying the public wouldn't stick to it), I think he got that wrong. The herd immunity thing they were going on about at the start was clearly wrong as well. Wether it was their scientific advice that was wrong or the government remains to be seen, I guess we will find out after the inevitable inquiry.
  3. aintforever


    The fact that our PM went round hospital wards shaking hands with Covid patients, then ended up catching it says it all really. They have to take credit for not having the NHS overwhelmed, but it wasn't taken seriously enough at the start and we've been playing catch up ever since. As the PM of New Zealand said, when disease is spreading at an exponential rate, time is everything.
  4. Could be called either, doesn’t matter. My point was that it obviously wasn’t all middle class white kids at the protests as you made out because the fellas handing out a beating to the statue protectors were clearly mostly black.
  5. Definitely at least one black guy in this pic: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jun/18/man-rescued-by-uk-black-lives-matter-protester-is-ex-police-officer
  6. They were about racial equality. I expect every single person there had their own opinions on what that means and how to achieve it.
  7. Why did Boris Johnson say this then: "concerns about racial inequality were based on a cold reality and that leaders simply could not ignore fears that black, Asian and ethnic minority groups (Bame) would be victims of discrimination in education, employment and the law."
  8. He probably thought it would have more impact if they all made the same gesture - I agree with him on that. I don't think he should have a go at others for not joining in, it's up to any individual to decide what they want to do, but seeing as his motivation is to end racism I don't think any less of him for trying to get the message across as effectively as possible.
  9. By their nature you always get some idiots at protests. Some will be anarchists there for a fight, some will be political activists who want to defund the plod etc etc, some were probably just there to go for a walk with their mates. From what I saw the vast majority looked like they were there to simply march against racism.
  10. That agenda being to end racism. What a cunt.
  11. Organised by BLM, because of the George Floyd murder. Attended by thousands who just want equality. Here's a story about two people who attended here, might be worth you actually reading this: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/stories-53208273 One particularly appropriate bit: "White people in England can be a bit smarter, they know exactly what they can't say to be obviously racist, but they'll do it more subtly," Patrick says. "They'll come for you in other ways."
  12. You are just being deliberately obtuse, obviously was all sparked off by Floyd's murder. Unless thousands of people just decided, out of the blue, to go on a march in the middle of a pandemic. Black Lives Matter is a slogan as well as a protest group. I thought the Premier League had already explained this to you simpletons: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53242328
  13. The protests were in response to the George Floyd murder, I would have thought that was obvious even to you old gammons. Are you still pissing your pants over the ‘defund the police’ thing, seriously?
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