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  1. I’ve got a horrible feeling these new strains are worse than we thought.
  2. No doubt it will, but wanting to keep your wealth doesn't make you less woke.
  3. Some people get rich and want to keep hold of their money - I'm not sure anyone would dispute that.
  4. Big difference there is no one voted to leave the single market in 2016, as you Jihadis like to tell us - the EU is completely different now to back then.
  5. It's nothing to do with your red v blue bollocks, fact is the world my daughter is growing up in is massively more woke than my upbringing during the 1980s, and her children's will be more still. At my school during the dark days of Thatcher, racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia were all accepted and normal. You don't have to go back too far and we were putting war heroes behind bars for being gay. I expect even your beloved Tory party is way more woke now than back in the 70's.
  6. I think you are wrong there, most old fuckers nowadays had their views on Europe shaped by the war, that won’t be the same for younger generations. Plus the world is getting ‘woker’ by the day, dinosaur opinions like yours will be long gone soon.
  7. If these problems turn out to be more than just teething issues I don’t think you could rule out a rejoin ticket winning the next election. Brexit is a toxic issue at the moment but 2024 is a long way off, if it continues as it is people will soon turn.
  8. Tampons are cheaper and passports are blue.
  9. The list of key workers is long so they probably are, our little one’s school is about half full so to say they are closed is a bit of a stretch. We qualify but pulled her out anyway because we were concerned about the new strain and the class size. Trying to work and home school is hard work though, will probably send her back if the numbers come down enough.
  10. To be fair to Rees Mogg, our fish will be much happier if all the fishermen go bust.
  11. I thought Trump boasted about defeating ISIS in Syria?
  12. Think the Village Idiot has been injecting bleach again.
  13. I see what you mean but it’s not completely irrelevant, it’s one of the reasons why only one of the parents need to be a key worker for the child to get a place.
  14. Of course it doesn’t, your job does.
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