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  1. Would Radio Solent still exist if they scrapped the license fee? I guess it they stuff it full of ads they might be able to make some money. I rarely watch BBC TV, but as a whole I think it’s still great value. The website is probably the best thing on the web, Radio 5 and 6 music are both good. People moan that the BBC is biased but it’s as close to independent as you will ever get. If it ends up being owned by Murdoch or similar it would be way way worse.
  2. The TV license is obviously an outdated concept but as long as it’s good value and the BBC continues to produce good TV and radio I don’t have an issue with it. The Tories are bound to fuck it up though. A few middles-aged Gammons will celebrate saving a few quid a month and we will end up with a pile of shite stuffed full of ads.
  3. aintforever


    TBF it doesn't take much
  4. We need a couple of decent signings of this is going to be a right struggle this season. A decent central midfielder is a must, not some kid who we could potentially flog and make some money from in a couple of years, we need someone to come in and do a job now. We've off-loaded Lemina, Reed and PEH so surely they must have someone lined up.
  5. aintforever


    How can you have an experiment to show the effectiveness of masks without showing how the vape behaves without a mask? If the cloud of vape was bigger and travelled further without a mask it would show that masks work in reducing the spread, that’s obviously why he didn’t include it in his video.
  6. aintforever


    He probably didn’t show the experiment without a mask because a fuck-off massive cloud of vape poured out his mouth and engulfed the camera a few feet away instead of going up round his head. Why do you think he didn’t show it without?
  7. aintforever


    Love the way he didn't show what happened to the vape with no mask at all.
  8. aintforever


    The Daily Star’s front pages have to one of the best things to have come out of the pandemic.
  9. The problem with the demolition theory is the fact that when things are demolished they use a thing called explosives which make a very large 'bang' sound which would have been heard for miles around. Plus the explosion usually shatters every window in the building which would have been obvious. The thing about 9/11 is that what happened was totally unprecedented, some things are bound to look weird which spawns all these crazy theories. the moment you actually analyse any of them they are always full of holes.
  10. What a load of nonsense, the government was elected on the back of the ‘oven-ready deal’, these scum bags have lied to the British people as much as the EU. How is that democracy?
  11. We buy more from them but they have A GDP of about 20 trillion to our 3 trillion. As a percentage our trade is much less important to them than their is to us, that is obvious. As someone said a few pages back, it’s like a fight between an elephant and a dog. If the dog loses 2 pints of blood and the elephant loses 2.5, who is worse off?
  12. We always start slow but I think it's obvious we need a decent replacement for PEH.
  13. What specific law that Brussels brought in effects you and why do you want to change it?
  14. A Brexit supporting friend of mine came out with this crap, "I don't want Brussels making my laws", so I asked what specific law Brussels brought in that they wanted changing and they didn't even have an answer.
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