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  1. Fuck me it's not rocket science. If saving lives and businesses means paying more tax in the future I don't have a problem with it. That doesn't mean I want to pay more tax, but if it is necessary I am happy to chip in and do my bit. Is that clear enough for you or do I need to get the crayons out and draw you a diagram?
  2. I never said I wanted to pay more tax, just happy to do what it takes to fight the virus and stop the economy collapsing. Not cry like a little baby because someone is being paid Furlough and it might effect my bank balance in the future.
  3. The idea of just letting it spread whilst shielding the vulnerable sounds great in principle but would just be catastrophic in terms of lives lost. Anyone who knows they are high-risk will more than likely already be shielding themselves yet the death rate is going up even with the current restrictions. Letting it run rampant just before the Flu season (which already stretched the NHS prior to Covid) would be suicide. If the current localised approach brings cases down then I think it's the best way, along as the right job safeguarding is in place. Furloughing is expensive but it makes mo
  4. I'm more than happy to pay what is needed to help out the unfortunate people who face redundancy.
  5. You just don’t want the government to pay people’s Furlough because, like most Tories, your greatest fear is the terrifying thought of paying a bit more tax.
  6. Just buy a meal then. People will moan whatever restrictions they bring in, they are just arbitrary rules aimed at reducing social contacts without completely destroying the restaurant industry. Why is a group of 6 safe and 7 not? Why is it safe to drink at 9.30pm but not at 10.45pm? None of the rules make sense if you look at it that way.
  7. Probably because people sitting down eating are less likely to spread it than a packed bar full of pissed up idiots acting like twats.
  8. Problem is you would imagine that anyone high risk would already be protecting themselves yet even with current measures the hospitals are filling up. Plus there is the effects of long covid we are still learning about.
  9. Lockdown's piss people off but if these half arsed measures are not getting the R rate below 1 then the infections are not going to stop going up and up until a point where surely we will have to do something else?
  10. Plus clubs like Newcastle, West Ham and Aston Villa all had higher attendances than Chelsea last season so the idea that there is this 'big 6' and everyone else is a small club living off their popularity is just nonsense.
  11. Probably be more competitive and entertaining IMO, there will just be less money sloshing around. I probably enjoyed football more in the years before the Premier League millions than I do now anyway.
  12. But haven't the Prem said they will help them out? Once that happens I'm not sure what motivation any of them would have to hand over complete control to the big six - would be turkeys voting for Xmas.
  13. Not this European Super League again. Why don't they actually fuck off and do it instead of just going on about it all the time?
  14. I think a circuit break is probably the best option TBH. Unless these regional restrictions bring the r rate below 1 then it's just a matter of time before it happens anyway, better sooner than later. Leave it too late and it might not only cost lives but might mean we have to lock down even longer which would have worse effect on the economy.
  15. You're all over the place on this, why don't you just save your embarrassment and admit you are wrong. Of course he broke the rules, probably three times. Everyone over the age of 12, except you, knows his eye test story was just bullish!t. Even if the eye test story was in some bizarre way true and he didn't break any rules the fact that you have people at the highest level of government acting 'morally reprehensible' with regards to the rules they set for us would have the same effect of undermining the government's message.
  16. But what Cummings did was fine.
  17. I'm not sure the British mood will be great if we trash our economy for the sake of a few fish. How much cash will we make from this WTO fish windfall next year then?
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