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  1. No you fail to understand as usual. I'm saying that you can want what's best for the country wether you want him to stay or not. Keeping him in might be shit short-term but be the best thing long-term.
  2. I do, but that's just my opinion. If someone thinks we would be better off with a couple more years of Bozo so we get shot of the Tories and move forward with a left-wing government than that's their opinion.
  3. That's just bollocks. If you strongly believe a left-wing progressive government is best for the country you will probably want the Tories out, not a re-brand after the whitewash with someone similar taking Boris' place.
  4. This, the best thing for Labour would be a whitewash and Bozo clinging on. The whole episode will just drag on with the Tories tearing themselves apart - you can bet your life Cummings has more emails or pics lined up to drip feed though after it's published.
  5. Johnson is as much of a liar as Cummings so I guess you just use common sense and work out for yourself what is most likely to be the truth. "I didn't realise the party I was at was a party' is about the same level as "I drove 60 miles to test my eyes" on the bullshit scale.
  6. Something like that will probably be a decent deal for both clubs. If he realises his potential Saints get a top striker for a few years, Chelsea get the finished product for peanuts. Also, though Chelsea obviously don't have to sell, don't they have financial fair play rules to stick to?
  7. That was never a penalty let alone a clear and obvious error. The ball was behind the player when contact was made. Looked like we were unlucky today.
  8. There needs to be some transparency with this, the PL should publish the list of players out and why. The current situation is a shambles.
  9. The important difference is that these were the people making the rules and forcing them on everyone else. My Dad died April of that year and we were only allowed 4 people at the funeral, whilst those Tory cunts were partying. It's vital that leaders set an example. If we are unlucky and there is another more severe variation of Covid that evades the vaccines some time in the future then we might need another lockdown, how is anyone from this government going to be able to get that to happen now?
  10. The most infuriating thing about this shit-show is this farce of an ‘investigation’. Why the hell do you need an investigation into wether you had a party or not? It’s mental. It’s just a way of giving those involved time to duck any questions while they can put together the wording for an excuse that fits around the evidence we are allowed to see, and work out which scapegoat they need to fire to save their jobs. There was a former Met officer on the radio yesterday who said there is so much CCTV covering the area that it would be the easiest thing in the world to work out exactly w
  11. Some snowflakes get bothered by anything nowadays.
  12. Almost sounded like a “get your cheque book out and I’m yours” to the new owners to me.
  13. Superb result, JWP was MOTM for me but they all had a good game.
  14. Surely he can’t survive this, people are rightly angry. We were only allowed 4 people at my Dad’s funeral and like a bunch of mugs we stuck to the rules whilst these Tory cunts were having parties.
  15. I expect the Premier League wouldn't let them do it so they had to do it in the cup, I understood the message, it was quite clear.
  16. Would it really have made any difference to knife crime if they had done it to their home kit?
  17. How exactly would you have executed it?
  18. Why don’t you just admit you are talking bollocks.
  19. That Cambridge game was a thing of beauty, the FA Cup at it’s finest. You have to wonder wether them desperately trying to get games postponed until they bring in new signings has actually pissed off their players. It’s not exactly going to inspire confidence in those who would have played.
  20. We’re going to have to cut down on the 0-9 defeats from now on or this guy is going to look a bit silly.
  21. Every club sells players, but being able to invest in players without having to sell would be a massive step forward from the Gao days.
  22. It’s mental that 2 years into a pandemic this still needs explaining to some people.
  23. But you can never have complete freedom, one man’s freedom to walk around catching and spreading whatever diseases they want impacts the freedom of the others to go around without the risk of catching diseases. There were countries that require you to show vaccine status to enter before covid, just like there are some jobs that you have to be vaccinated from certain diseases to do. I don’t particularly agree with Australia’s Covid policy but, we are in a pandemic, the rules are there for a reason so should apply to everyone regardless of how well they can wack a ball over a net.
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