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  1. If Maupay is out then that would be a big plus for us
  2. You score some, you miss some. Thats a very good point for us
  3. Finally getting to read this. Crocker comes across as very impressive and it is refreshing to see him using his previous experience here to try and return the club to its core values. He places so much emphasis on the new B team and how important it is to the progression of the club. Begs the question though why somebody like Dave Horseman is in charge of the team. Willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that the team are still adapting to new style of play, but the results this season havent been great so far
  4. Spurs will fall away, they've no balls
  5. Would certainly agree. We weren't bad against Palace, and had we got the first goal we probably would have won it
  6. Seeing what we're doing now just makes you wonder what the Spurs performance was all about. We still have a high line because the system demands it, but against Spurs we got it all wrong - or did they just expose our system to the fullest
  7. What a glorious sight to see us top of the table! Even more so considering where we were after the Spurs game and the meltdown on here. Great credit to the team and Ralph in particular. For god sake Gao, or whoever is coming in, back that man!!!
  8. Got it wrong after going 4 up. Some ppl just cant be pleased
  9. Some of the moaning on here. We pished that for 65 minutes Makes it 4 wins out of last 5 (unbeaten in last 5) 3rd in the league (after losing our first two games) So what if we dropped off a bit late on and conceded a few. The game was done at 4-0
  10. woodsaint1


    In the 87th minute. Not sure you can really judge somebody on 3 and 4 minute appearances respectively. Lets get 45 minutes out of him and hopefully he shows the same promise
  11. woodsaint1


    If he gives us the same as what Lemina did in his first 6 months with us then we'll all be pleased
  12. woodsaint1


    All very easy to do when you come on with 5 minutes left and your team is 2-0 up against 10 men. He did look good but will want to see what hes like when the game is tight and theres more pressure being put on him in possession
  13. Looks to have stepped up his fitness /sharpness since the lockdown break. Thought his days here looked numbered halfway through last season, just looked like his legs were done. Whatever the change, be it Ralphs influence or something else, its great to see
  14. Who the f*** is Dave Horseman and how did he end up in charge of the "B Team". With high hopes around the likes of Jankewitz, Mitchell, Tchaptchet and Robise, the results of his team are a bit embarassing
  15. Reading back through this thread is good for a laugh. The recurring theme is JV has a poor game and is the worst CB this club has signed, should let him run down his contract and leave on a free because nobody will sign him. JV has a decent game and is finally proving the doubters wrong. Good that we kept faith in him. Rinse and repeat, typical SWF
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