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  1. Dont agree. Cornet caught McCarthy by surprise with the early strike on the turn but it was nowhere near the corner. Better positioning and anticipation and its a comfortable save
  2. We drew against West Ham at home last season too
  3. Done a great job when he had little financial resource. But was heavily backed in his last few seasons and likely played a big role in the signings of Ibe, Solanke, Brooks, Mepham etc who were all failures. Maybe hes happy to take on a job where he'll have bugger all to spend. Cant see it myself and I think Ralphs here for the forseeable
  4. Not sure what this expected points is all about but we're 5 points better off when compared with the same fixtures last season which is good enough for me
  5. Leeds may not have posed much of a threat, but defensively we seem to have improved on last season. If we can add somewhere close to the goals we had last season we'll be just fine
  6. Not quite a 'must win' but fail to do so and Burnley next week certainly does become a must win. Hopefully we can get 6 points from the 2 games and really get the season off and running. Where will the goals come from though? Front players need to start delivering now
  7. Wow thats very good. Him and Armstrong vs Leeds please
  8. Carillo was the last one I think. Each one since has been loans
  9. Was a shocking decision. Not the first time we've on the end of a terrible refs decision against the swiss. Lewis did take a while to take the throw in, but the first instinct of the ref is to warn him, not book him. Ruined the game
  10. Niemi Clyne Van Dijk Svensson Shaw Schneiderlin Mane Le Tissier Bale Lambert Ings Was too young to see enough of Shearer in a saints shirt to warrant his inclusion. Honourable mentions also for Claus, Fonte, Alderweireld, A Svensson, Bridge, Wanyama and Lallana
  11. As funny as that story is, 95% of fans wouldnt care who took over their club as long as they pumped money in for transfers. Remember the Glazers Out movement last season, storming Old Trafford and the likes of Gonzo Neville demanding change.....its all went very quiet since they splurged a heap of money on Sancho, Verane, Ronaldo etc. Funny how the fans said it was about the Super League and the debt (which has went up with these transfers) which the Glazers were accruing....nothing to do with falling behind your rivals City and Liverpool 🤥
  12. Sure they were talking about signing Mbappe and the likes before it fell through before. Hope it all ends in tears for them. Not having other club fans welcoming the news and saying how the newcastle fans deserve good news. You want your league rivals to struggle
  13. Will now leave just us and Burnley in that group of clubs without a pot to piss in
  14. Whens the next fans forum so Semmens can be asked about any possible takeover? Bit depressing that we've heard absolutely nothing and those reporting on the club (Blackmore etc) have stopped enquiring.
  15. Are you really counting Vestergaard or Bertrand as one of our best two players. Danny yes, but them two no f***in chance. The fact we're cursing Stephens injury says it all about CB
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