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  1. While there's clearly some merit to having a solid tactical game, and to a lesser degree maybe formation, I don't think they're anywhere near as important as people have us believe, it's definitely a modern thing, football is pretty simple to play, the reason why it's so popular, if anyone has ever played it at any level they know that whatever the manager says pretty much leaves your head the second you leave the changing room, then you just get on with actually playing, also "pep" and his tactical genius, he's managed Barcelona, bayern and now City, squads that I could send out play rush goa
  2. Back in my playing days I was great without the ball, people giving me the ball is where it always went wrong 😂
  3. Another important stat that everyone is overlooking, My wife says he's gone straight into first place on the saints players she finds attractive chart
  4. I really don't think rafa will last long at Everton, and I think we'll get a win there today, early goal get the fans turning straight away, 2-0 saints, maybe 😂
  5. Well done on your brave crusade to twist and turn everything into a reason to get your nips all puffed up, Be careful to get yourself tangled up your lanyard
  6. Yeah loads better, cheers 😘👍 Enjoy the barn dance later, and the game tomorrow. Come on you rainbows 🏑🥋🦜
  7. This, coupled with the other responses, I'm going to say you definitely are confused by what I was saying, try to not let it ruin your evening, and I'm sorry if I made you go over a few lines in your adult colouring book xxx
  8. Lolz, either you've got yourself really confused and grabbed the wrong end of lots of sticks, or you're trying way too hard, whatever, doesn't really matter, neither of us are going to change the world chatting on a saints forum, but it's fun to try sometimes, big loves to all xxx
  9. Not sure how you get to that opinion from me saying I like the shirt and its message of inclusion, don't really see the rainbow shirt causing the division, upset, hate or discrimination you seem to be worried it will, I expect most people will either enjoy it or ignore it without getting themselves all frothy
  10. Confusing reply, but I think what you're saying is my comment made you sad, sorry about that, didn't mean to upset you😘
  11. I don't think I'd struggle that much really, but OK 😘
  12. I like it, great that the club is embracing inclusiveness, even better because it gets all the Karen's on here all hot and bothered 😂
  13. I'm not overly fussed that he's left, obviously would rather have him, but I'm not angry, don't really care either way, we'll be OK, I do have to laugh when people try and justify mercenary behaviour though, like it's a normal job and he's just had a promotion because he needs a few more quid, he's looking out for his family etc, he could probably buy a house every month, what more do they need 😂😂😂
  14. So much for his supposed champions league aspirations then 🤣 Ultimately he held the club to ransom so flogging him to villa for 30 million isn't a bad bit of business, especially as there's every chance he'll miss half the season anyway
  15. Villa had to start somewhere, every club does, and we do start to get twitchy for a sale around the 25 million mark, he'll probably end up going for 35-40, can't see us holding out for anymore than that, hope I'm wrong, I'd like to keep him 💁
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