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  1. Garbage again. How long we going to have to put up with this shit
  2. Customers or fans? I think this is a big mistake. The club is out of touch.
  3. We are a poor team, championship at best. Our lack of quality is showing. Reserves and youth team bottom of their leagues, I want to be optimistic but sadly we will be relegated next season.
  4. That was crap. No ideas, no shots on target. Piss poor
  5. Absolute f'ing disgrace. The team is gash.
  6. Also played in THAT cup game at Fratton...RIP Frankie.
  7. Good result, B'mth ? How are they even near top of the championship. Anyway we've put them back in their box where they belong. Blue rinse brigade won't be happy. UTS.
  8. We were shite. I don't want to be shite.
  9. On his day he is very good, sadly his days are few and far between. His confidence is shot, currently adds very little.
  10. We are piss poor. Pathetic, no clue what to do.
  11. Much as i would love to be there, I doubt very much that any fans will be allowed anywhere near a stadium anytime soon and unfortunately I think April will be way too early.
  12. Looking at one B'mth forum, they are highly confident of beating us. Best draw possible, etc.. i know they only have a few fans but they certainly fancy their chances. They don't really like us much, faux rivalry i guess.
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