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  1. Party is over for them I fear. Mass clear out to cancel the debts and back to League 1 before you can say boo.
  2. RedWillie

    Danny Ings

    Having watched the goals review on the OS, much as I like seeing him score, i just wish he would stop celebrating by sliding on his knees ...🤯
  3. I think they'll already be gone. Leicester tomorrow and Man city Thursday
  4. New Forest Police actually moved them pretty swiftly out of Ringwood leisure centre within 24 hrs last week, guess they just go where they can leaving a pile of shit behind them.
  5. Has restored my faith, brilliant team work rate.
  6. Nice work saints, well deserved
  7. Its official now...French season is officially cancelled https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-boris-johnson-to-lead-nation-in-minutes-silence-in-tribute-to-key-workers-11979780
  8. Over paid players and priced out supporters. It will end in tears.
  9. If this is true then good. Gao has done sweet f.a. for this club except bring three years of **** football
  10. Nah, they've just been to the sovereign centre in Boscombe.
  11. Crap from the kick off. No excuses. Our home form is woeful
  12. Billy Sharp equaliser against the blue rinse brigade
  13. Ticket available. Due to unforeseen circumstances I can't make it. Lymington/forest area collect or risk first class post today. cw2000@hotmail.co.uk
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