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  1. Christ the Eagle takes me back. My grandad and uncle used to take me in there during their 'lunch hour'. They'd play cards and sink 4 or 5 pints before taking me back to work with them - bitumen roofing of all things, after a skin-full in a short period of time - driving of course too This was maybe 1980-81, I'd have been 7 years old. They then moved to the Buff's club (I think it was called) in Albert Road right by the Aviation museum. Rough as houses that place. I think think the last place we all used to go regular was the old dockers club, what is now the 1865 venue I believe?
  2. Thought that was quite decent actually, the goal aside and some pants decision making in the final third. Passing has been good and a lot of forward momentum instead of the sideways stuff.
  3. Not focussing on the next game then Sky like you usually do when there are back to back games... oh no that's right... someone other than the big 6 is playing.... c*nts the lot of them.
  4. Agree with the recent positive comments re Ryan's time at Saints. From being on the fringes and loaned out in the early part of his career to settling down at Saints and proving the excellent LB is is. Gutted he wont be around to help integrate the next players in that position as that is the best possible education for anyone coming in. However, as others have stated, if he can get 3 years elsewhere then it's a no brainer for him and his family. For a change we get to say good bye and good luck to a cracking player for Saints. One for the "once a saint, always a saint" category.
  5. Agree seems like a level-headed guy with great family support. Keep your head down son, work hard and fight for those minutes. The world at his feet. Good luck to him.
  6. I hope no one quoted that load of old shite. Sorry everyone, drowning my sorrows with a nice red!
  7. The government will do nothing as I said a few pages back. They simply saw the reaction and universal uproar as an opportunity to be seen to care. Business as usual now its all collapsed. 50%+1 fan ownership goes against everything for a right-wing, free markets capitalist doctrine. All that has happened here is that the oil men have gained even more power over UEFA. The likes of Liverpool and Man United saw this as an opportunity to control those oil men. It failed. You might even consider that Chelsea and Man City played a blinder in all of this. They've even managed to come out of this,
  8. Convenient isn't it. Negative press building in recent week's regarding Cameron's involvement in Greensill and lobbying in general regarding PPE contracts and the missing billions.... then this falls on their laps.... You love to see it.
  9. They can't do a single thing about it. The only thing they can do, as I noted elsewhere, is score a massive political open goal. You can trust in a populist like Johnson to be all over this like a rash. Everything will have been cancelled late last night as he was briefed on how to whip up some good old sentiment in his favour.
  10. I take encouragement we are in their penalty area tbh.
  11. City look knackered. KDB off with an ankle issue. Chelsea dont look amazing either. Maybe the players from all clubs are genuinely f**ked from the almost non-stop football of the last 18 months. Hope Leicester's poor form is also down to them being f**ked. I wont give two hoots if our lot turn up for this one. Maybe they know something we dont re fatigue/recovery levels.
  12. I wore this everywhere back in the day. Awesome.
  13. I must be losing my mind. The amount of people on this forum who remember everything is quite impressive. I realise there is the search facility but some of you lot should work for MI6... or maybe you do??
  14. Midweek and I'm still bereft of enthusiasm for the semi final. It usually takes a day, maybe two before the blind faith returns after a woeful performance. Actually the older I get the faster it returns. By the start of the weekend I'll be up and about over the match on Sunday night. We only need the foxes to be toothless infront of goal for 90 minutes and someone to scuff one in at the other end to book our place in the final. As thing's stand, highly, highly unlikey... but not impossible.
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